I never composed a song insulting Buhari – Rarara

Dauda Adamu, popularly called Rarara is a Kano-based popular Hausa singer and one of the artists that worked hard to mobilize people to vote for President Muhammadu Buhari in 2015. Recently, a song was released in Kano and Kaduna that insulted the person of the President and perhaps because of similarity in voice some reportedly claimed it was Rarara that composed the song. But in this interview with ALIYU ASKIRA in Kano, he said it was the work of his enemies as he will never even in a dream insult Buhari.

Is it true you compose a song insulting President Buhari?
Anyway since the time I released my famous song, ‘Zuwan Mai malafa Kano’, I have been receiving a lot of threats and challenges here and there. However, I have been releasing more songs since then. I also heard that there was a song in the market which some people think it was my song. Honestly it is not true you know I will never do that.

For those that don’t know much about you, who is Rarara?
My names are Dauda Adamu. I am from Kahutu village in Danja Local Government Katsina State. I have two wives and children I came to Kano to learn the Qur’an but later as fate might have it I ended up here and I have no regret. I have Islamic education and a successful career as a musician and partly a politician, though educationally I did not advance. I am passionate about President Buhari and I wish him well.

How rich is Dauda Adamu Rarara?
Well I am not paying rent. I have my own business outfit, Rarara musical studio. I have choice vehicles. I am comfortable so to speak. But mind you we have richer guys in the industry, all I can say is I am not doing badly?

During Buhari’s President Campaign to Kano State you are the only musician that performed at the event why?
Forget about money, the ultimate for me was I entertained General Buhari and his campaign team. You were there you saw how the crowd which was second to none destroyed our equipment’s at a point the giant television showing those in and outside the stadium was crashed. So it was not the money but the excitement and the recognition.

Tell us your plans, in the nearest future?
I want to stay long to worship God and to continue taking care of my family and my parents and the needy. I want to continue supporting President Buhari to succeed through my songs. I also want to register our appreciation to Kaduna State Governor who organized a carnival in Kaduna which the President even attended, finally please tell my fans I will never insult Buhari till I die.

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