I spoke to Jonathan 6 times after my letter – OBJ

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo yesterday broke his silence on his sour relationship with President Goodluck Jonathan saying his doors are open to the president  to discuss their relationship and any other matter of interest.

In an interview aired on the BBC Hausa Section, Obasanjo added that he spoke to Jonathan for almost six times on phone after writing the Presidency on December 2, 2013.

He also acknowledged receiving Jonathan’s reply and that his letter to Jonathan was borne out of a genuine national concern.
When he was asked whether he regretted writing Jonathan in view of the controversy that ensued, he said: “Why should I regret? You regret only what you should have done but failed to do, and on what you will never have time to do again. It is something that came at the appropriate time and I did it and so there is no room for regret. My letter says it all.

“My letter to him was not confrontational but just on issues that affect our country and if the president wants to discuss my relationship with him or any other issues, my doors are open. Since after I wrote him we spoke for about six times and we have been greeting each other.”
The former president, who had ruled Nigeria first as a military head of state and also as civilian president, argued that to the grace of God he enjoys doing what he is doing by sharing his reflection for unity and stability of Nigeria.

Citing his encounter with a 27-year-old Nigerian who wrote him asking for comprehensive details about Nigeria, Obasanjo said he invited her along with 12 other youths for a more reflection dinner and they all agreed that there was need to have a sound and correct history on Nigeria, Africa and the West African sub-region that would help in mentoring leadership and integration.
He concluded that he told the youth to be focused and not give in to distraction that would not augur  well for the country.

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