I want to marry same day as my twin sister -Hassana Yusuf

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Hassana and Hussaina Yusuf are Fulani by tribe and hail from Borno state, where they spent most of their live. The joined Kannywood about two years ago, after their diploma programmes at the University of Maiduguri, Borno state. They have since featured in several movies and musical videos including Kudiri, Sainayi Kudi, and Talatu Numba Daya, with the King of Kannywood, Ali Nuhu, as the lead actor. In this interview with ALIYU ASKIRA in Kano, they speak on their life off and on camera.


IMG 20171222 223711 262

Tell us a bit about yourselves?

Hussaina responding said: We are from Borno state, Fulani by tribe and we joined Kannywood about four years ago. So far, we have featured in several films including Kudiri, Sainayi Kudi, and Talatu Numba Daya, with the king of Kannywood, Ali Nuhu, as the lead actor.
Hassana is also engaged in Dadinkowa television series for Arewa 24.

How do your boyfriends differentiate you?

Well, we are 22-years-old and we have never gone out separately. Hassana’s boyfriend came visiting one day but she was busy, she asked me to go and attend to him and pretend that I was the one he was dating. I did it successfully but we promised never to play that act again.

To differentiate us, I am fatter than Hassana and she also talks much more than I do. She now works with Dadinkowa television for Arewa 24, so those that want to differentiate us can visit her during office hours when she is alone, even though I always wait for her to finish work so that we can go home. That is all I can say.

How did you join Kannywood?

We joined Kannywood two years ago through a family friend, one Alhaji Dalhatu, later we met Falalu Dorayi, Sadiq Mafia and Muhammed Salisu Officer.

Our parents now live in Kano because of Boko Haram. We did not join Kannywood because of money but whenever we receive our pay we are always happy.
We are here to educate people especially women on human values so that the rate at which marriage are breaking up these days should reduce because marriage is a life-long project.

Don’t marry us because we are celebrities, marry us because you love us and when you are broke, we will stay with you. We have seen successful marriages in Kannywood, like Mansurah Isah and Sani Danja, Zainab Idris, Zainab Raga and Muhibbat Abdulsalam.

Can you marry a set of twins?

The truth is if we get decent people that will marry us, we are ready to settle down even today, but none of us will marry before the other.

We want to marry on the same day. We have never quarrelled, both of us know each other’s secret. If you want to be a friend to one of us, we must screen you to know that you are not deceptive.

Some ladies join Kannywood to expose their body and make cheap money these are the characters that are making people look at us as if we are cheap.
We have class but we are not arrogant. We are from a good family, that is why we are ready to get married anytime the opportunity comes.

Why do you have this deep black spot on your forehead?

We want to enter paradise, what you are seeing on our foreheads was occasioned by constant midnight prayers, it is not ordinary. We are deeply religious.

I am sure one may ask why are we into this profession instead of going to Islamiyyah school since we want to go to paradise but since we came here nobody has asked us to zip down for him, so we are happy with what we are doing.

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