Idris: A brave politician in Adamawa North

Adamawa, North-ast Nigeria is blessed to have an indomitable young man, a leader who has broken many political records of his contemporaries as a young focused-minded person.

Alhaji Hamisu Idris Medugu is an expert in financial matters, a philanthropist and respectable consultant who owns a conglomerate of consulting firms and recently recognised as a political master schemer whose virtues many described as a legendary young leader in the calibre of the Sardauna of our time.

The Adamawa-born politician is a tiger of the masses emancipation when he undertook the business of empowering young Nigerians, especially those in the Adamawa North Senatorial District.

His performance in the area of job creation is a record that today is beyond the capacity of other lovers of his dear state, an area which was initially displaced because of insurgents activities.

Medugu’s many contributions to humanity remain a reference point of leadership credence that will be better utilised at the red chambers (Senate). It is on record that his strength is in serving his people as a good representative at the National Assembly as his point of call. This is where he can give his best, perform and release his full potential as a good leader.

While not a national lawmaker he empowered, created jobs, provided opportunities, and executed a lot of projects on health and education. Medugu is talk of the town as the liberator of the masses who has come to serve humanity.

2021 opened a new page in his political journey, as the young, old, and people of diverse backgrounds in Adamawa state saw in him a promising young man with no trace of religious or tribal sentiments.

Joining the All Progressives Congress (APC) to serve humanity with a delegates structure of the masses, who are his good will pushing his agenda is what is changing the permutations of political pundits that from the blues a man with people’s mandate has come to change the bad narrative.

Scholars of politics have been wondering how comes the magic wand that won Idris the hearts of Adamawa people. Unknown to all political pundits, the young man won their hearts, not because of any god father, but because his work for the masses is behind pushing him towards the noble course.

Take it or leave it, Idris is one politician whose closeness to the grassroots and direct electoral voters is legendary, there is none of his type in Adamawa in terms of constant touch with the electorate.

At the moment, his line of duty as a philanthropist in Adamawa does not only stop there, but he raised the bar, extending his goodwill it to other states in the country. He has helped thousands of farmers with fertiliser across the state. He empowered many with business capital and skill acquisition in many local government areas of the state.

Hamisu Idris is now seen as the super supporter of the masses who is muting sponsoring people-oriented bills, having constituency projects in the area of agriculture, education, health, empowerment, and social services like the provision of water in many communities.

At the venues of the recent congresses of APC in Yola in his absence, many of the delegates kept chanting “sai Hamisu. Shi zamu yi, Medugu mai yi ne, Hausa meaning, Hamisu is our leader of choice at all times.

With his name, his political scheming ability, and what he is doing, it”s no surprise that nobody either in Abuja or Yola even those feeling they control the party from Aso Rock can beat Idris because his pure heart is answering the call of many people. I know this, when it comes to the votes of the electorate, hundreds of times and at many times they will prefer Idris.

Therefore, it behoves on APC critical stakeholders to unite and save the party from collapse. The likes of Idris are the saving grace of the party. Fighting or trying to scheme him out of the party system is tantamount to killing the party. For Idris whatever the side of the coin it’s a smooth ride on to his next political journey. He will have a smooth ride in 2023 whatever the game turns out to be because he has endeared himself to the masses.

A word, it’s said, is enough for the wise and a stitch in time saves nine. APC should act fast to save the party in the interest of all party loyalists supporting Idris come 2023.

Garba writes from Yola,
Adamawa state via

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