If somebody in Kannywood proposes to me, I’ll marry him – Suhailat Ishaq

Suhailat Ishaq is not only beautiful but extremely talented. The 21-year-old actress joined the Kannywood movie industry on completion of her studies at KTC Secondary School, Kaduna state, and has  so far featured in the movie KANJIKI, produced in Kaduna by her mentor, just as she has several scripts for some new films in the making. In this interview with ALIYU ASKIRA she speaks on her career, challenges, and marriage plans.

One would have expected a beautiful girl like you to settle down in marriage or pursue higher education but here you are struggling to be an Hausa film star. How did you join the industry?

Let me start by appreciating Blueprint Weekend for choosing me to grace one of its pages. You saw other beautiful ladies around but you decided to give me this opportunity, which I am extremely grateful for. I am aware one can become successful in any profession through interviews in national dailies and magazines, I also know that your medium has rendered an immense quota in promoting the society and Nigeria in general.

As a lady and a Muslim for that matter, I know that at 21 years I am ripe for marriage. However, in this part of the world even if a lady has thousands of boyfriends, if they do not propose to her, she will never go out of her way and ask them to marry her. As such, before destiny smiles on me, I am now trying hard to be a successful actress.

So far, I featured in a film called Kanjiki and since then, I have received many offers from producers and directors. I don’t know what tomorrow holds for me, so if a nice person comes my way and proposes to me, I will definitely settle down.

However, for now, I don’t have even a boyfriend, but as a lady I have lots of admirers but I am taking my time because age is still on my side.

When you indicated interest to start acting, what was the response of your parents?

Well, the general impression about Kannywood actors and actresses is that they are bunch of people that have nothing positive to contribute to the society. However, I can tell you that since I started coming to this studio for audition I have never encountered problem with my colleagues, even though we are based in Kaduna and the main show is happening in Kano. I also visit my colleagues in Kano from time to time and I can tell you they are very decent people that one can come across.

The social media is overflowing incidents of sex for marks in the universities almost on daily basis as well as the banking where ladies are employed as casual staff and given targets to meet before they are their appointment is regularised. All these are easy ways of making ladies to compromise their body, so it is becoming general norm all over the society, but because people always watch our movies Kannywood actresses are subject of criticisms.

So, can you marry from Kannywood?

Why not, I am in the industry because I believe that industry players are decent people. As such, if somebody from Kannywood proposes to me, I will definitely marry him. However, I will want to continue in the industry even if as a producer after marriage. And if I get children after marriage, I will encourage them to take to acting.

Which actor or actress do you admire the most?

Well, among the ladies it is Rahama Sadau. She is my role model, while Ali Nuhu is my star anytime, anywhere. This does not mean that we don’t have other good actors and actresses in Kannywood that I admire.

 Is there any incident you consider your saddest moment in the industry?

So far, there is none because I am relatively young in the industry. I am still trying to find my feet. I don’t know what I will face tomorrow, but I can tell you that so far I am happy.

Can you play a dirty role if the money is right?

No, I can’t play a dirty role for any amount of money. I am from the North, I am a Muslim and I am from a decent background.

I want to remain a good ambassador of Kannywood.

Are you planning to get married soon and what type of person will you like to marry?

I believe in destiny. God in his wisdom created us differently, some people are tall, some are rich, some are poor, some are white, and some are completely black. Some are Muslims while others are Christians and non-Christians. If I am to settle down, definitely it must be with a Muslim and somebody that will love me forever.

I don’t belief in half love, give me all and I will give you all, because marriage is supposed to be a permanent relationship. As such, you need to take your time and marry somebody that you feel will understand your way of life forever.

I am of the belief that one’s future lies in the hands of God and it is God that will decide what one becomes in life. For now, I am working hard to be an actress, later I will go back to school, be a producer and marry a man of my choice, a tall, handsome, very understanding, and caring man.

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