IGP Idris disobedience to Buhari and matters arising By Usman Santuraki


The recent revelation that the Inspector-General of Police disobeyed the directives of President Muhammadu Buhari to relocate to Makurdi over the recent clash between the herdsmen and farmers that claimed many lives says volume on how the President is not firmly on ground as even his subordinates are not respecting him and even if he gives for an action to be taken.
President Buhari, is at the receiving end as his lieutenants are virtually on their own, even if he gives them directives as exemplified by Ibrahim on the Benue , that engulfed the state and he mandated the IGP via a to relocate to the state but Idris disobeyed by not relocating to the state.
In the whole world as at today, it is only in Nigeria that a President would issue a and the is not obeyed.
The level of disobedience in the present administration has reached unprecedented level with a clear one exhibited by the action of to his boss, who gave him the matching order.
The level of disdain exhibited by the IGP to the directive given to him by the President Buhari goes to show that he is not fully in charge in the affairs of running the country.
It is baffling that a serving Inspector-General of Police would have the guts and audacity to disobey his boss, who appointed him.
That was why a lot of people had a strong misgiving that Buhari is not the one running the affairs of this great country.
It is unbelievable that principal officers of the present administration do not care or follow the instructions and s of the President.
In fact, it is worth saying that nearly three years on the saddle Buhari is yet to stamp his feet as a sitting president.
The approach and disposition of most of the aides of the president in carrying out his directives is a source of concern to a lot of people in this country.
It is imperative for President Buhari to exert his authority over certain issues, especially those bordering on the integrity of his aides, who are bent on denting his hard earned reputation built over the years.
The attitude of the IGP in not following the directive of the president to relocate to Benue state is a clear act of insubordination ever done by a top level personnel in the history of this great country.
The IGP should be reprimanded by President Buhari to serve as a deterrent to others with similar character.
It does speak well for an aide duly appointed by the president to behave the way the IGP did by disobeying the directive given to him.

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