I’ll invest in security infrastructure if elected – Gana

Presidential aspirant under Social Democratic Party (SDP), Professor Jerry Gana has said that he will invest heavily in security infrastructure to stem current spate of insecurity in the country, if elected.
Gana, who was a former Minister of Information, said this in a press briefing after meeting leaders of South-east delegates of the SDP in Enugu.
He noted that his government would ensure that various levels of policing would be put in place especially at the state and even at the council level to decentralize security just like what is currently found in countries with developed economies.
“First and foremost, we have to restore confidence of the people in living together; there must be freedom for anyone to be anywhere, live anywhere in the country before we invest heavily on security infrastructure.
“Thirdly, we will bring about economic development and diversification, which will create enormous jobs, so that we will reduce idleness, crime and all sorts of evil that leads to insecurity in the land,’’ he said.
Gana said when his party comes to power; it would invest in education, social security, health, skills because development begins with the people.
“We will implement Fiscal Expansion Act for wealth to be expanded in the country and our people will be rich and have reasons to stay back in their own country.
“We must have first class infrastructure such as solid highways, railways and pipelines.
Nigeria economy is suffering from infrastructure deficiency.
“Then in power, every zone and state should have adequate energy to generate jobs and wealth.
The country is seriously blessed with natural resources that are needed for power generation.
“We have abundant sun, water, wind and even nuclear power.
On the power situation, we have to invest and get foreign investors on power generation, transmission and distribution as well,’’ he said.
Gana, who was also a former Minister of Corporation and Integration in Africa, noted that there was need to transform agricultural production system to feed over 180 million people in the country.
“We also use agriculture to create job, security and wealth among our people.
We shall ensure that locals benefits and harness the natural resources endowment in their localities and states in order to expand jobs and wealth,’’ he said.
He said he would bring new knowledge and understanding to governance based on reality and experience.
“The framework of the federation has to be re-structured in order to unlock human abilities of our people to explore and create wealth for themselves.
We shall restructure and reconcile Nigerians to see themselves as one and be their brothers’ keepers,’’ he said.


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