I’m done with acting, marriage’s next– Amal Garba Umar

23-year-old Amal Garba Umar in this interview with ALIYU ASKIRA, said whenever she is not on location taking part in  film production, she mostly spends her time in an Islamiyya school or teaching her younger ones lessons in Arabic and western education.


My parents are from sokoto state, but they now live in Kano where I was born and also attended primary and secondary schools. Now I am waiting for admission to further my studies.

The Kannywood journey so far 

Although I am less than seven years old in the industry, so far, I have featured in many successful films like Dan Sarkin AgadaezMujadeed and I have played the lead roles in Gidan Kitso, 3 and 4 Ladi ‘Yar talla, and several other successful films and series which are what most producers now engage in.

 Don’t be deceived by my dressing or innocence; if you see me on stage dancing you will be surprised, but I dress decently to give myself a good image. As a Muslim I can even act in Nollywood, Bollywood and Hollywood if our people will only understand that what we do on stage is a mere acting and not real. One can even kiss, and hug, but with the way our society is right now I can’t do that.

Your youthful looks 

Well, I am old enough to have affairs; in fact I am tired of acting and want to get married. I can also be a film producer, business woman or a model even as I already have these facilities on ground, including a very big boutique and shopping complex.

Your role models 

Those I admire most and always feel happy when I feature in films alongside them are Sadiq Sani Sadiq, Yakubu Mohammed, Sani Danja, Alui Nuhu and Adam Zango especially Zango Sani Sadiq and Yakubu Mohammed. I watch them a lot when they are dancing.

And the actresses I admire most are Jamila Nagudu, Rahama Sadau and Nafisa Abdullahi, though I have no female friend in the industry as most times I mind my business. However, if a Kannywood member approaches me for marriage I will readily accept the proposal. Right now, however, what is occupying my mind is to become a popular star, make good money, fame and go and get a degree in the university. I can combine acting and schooling because age is still on my side.

The hiccup in my studies 

When I completed secondary school, I could not further my education because I could not gain admission into any higher school so I approached one Alhaji Kabiru  who is my relation and stakeholder in Kannywood to help me to join the industry and today here I am. I have already visited parts of Kano, Kaduna, Jigawa, Abuja, Zamfara and even Republic to shoot films. The sky is my limit now because since I came here I have been getting good roles, good money, popularity and fame. Let me tell you this sex for role is real; but those that had approached me for this did not succeed in getting me to zip down for them.