I’m not bothered if I’m called a prostitute – Wasila Usman Muhammad

23-year-old soft-spoken SS3 student of Tafawa Balewa College Kaduna Wasila Usman Muhammad opted to pursue career in music and acting, even as a child of a respected community leader and Imam. She tells ALIYU ASKIRA in this chat that she listens to Nura Adam Obi’s music a lot. She says so far, she has produced four albums and that some of her songs are already on Youtube and the social media.

One of the reasons people are against Hausa films is the fact that it does not only affect the youth negatively, some of them join the industry at a tender age and end up as drunkards instead of pursuing their education. What’s your take on this?

As we speak, I am final year student of Tafawa Balewa Secondary School in Kaduna and I decided to be in the entertainment industry at my own discretion. I have been listening to Nura Adam Obi’s songs and one day I called him and told him of my desire to join his studio and learn to sing, dance and later become a full-time actress. He asked me if my parents would not object to it, and at the time I was staying with my grandmother; so, I approached her and told her of my plans.

Why your grandmother, are your parents not alive?

It was because at the time I was staying with her, later she approached my father and told him, and my father was bitter because he is not only a respected person in our community, he is also a renowned Islamic scholar. But because I had made up my mind already, I continued with my music career without their approval. At the time when my father discovered that I was already into the industry, it was too late, and as such, he consented and I continued.

Who are those you really admire in Kannywood, and why did you decide to pursue your career from Kaduna instead of Kano where the real show happens?

My manager, Nura Adam Obi, who is like a brother to me, is based in Kaduna and I started from his studio, which is one in town. But honestly, I received lots of assistance from him that already I have four albums in the market, So da Marimari, which is a full film shot with the lyrics as the story line; then Aikin Chadi in which I try to educate the public about the life of youth who have nothing to do but to go into alcoholism and drugs. When some people watched the video, they continued to insult us and even alleged that we were cursed by our parents and the society, but what I did was just to educate them about what is happening around them.

You are only 23 years old, a final year secondary school student and here you are in an industry that people describe as the hub of jobless youth. Why did you choose this path?

Well, believe me, as a professional journalist, you are very much aware of what ladies that are even slightly above 10 years can do in this modern day of social media. But Wasila Usman Muhammad is like a kola nut, do you know what I mean? A kola nut is always intact except you break it, meaning that at 23, I have not had a man make love to me. This is how innocent some of us can be, and already I have somebody who is working hard to marry me even though he is very much aware that I am into entertainment industry.

Since you joined the entertainment industry, tell us the material benefits that you’ve got?

You see, because of my song, Aikin Chadi, wherever I go, people will call me kararuwa – kararuwa, it is in the song Aikin Chadi. I am very popular these days because of my being in Kannywood. I want to specifically thank my manager and producer, Nura Adam Obi, a very decent business man, entertainer and an excellent composer; he is working hard to ensure that in 2020, we will have lots of work to do – music, modelling, acting, and general entertainment.

What do you mean by modelling? In any case, if you are given some millions to act in a film, half nude, will you accept the offer?

With my manager’s approval, yes

Let me get you right, I mean for you to act half naked either in a Hausa film or in Nollywood

The answer is yes

Are you a Muslim and from which state?

I am not only a Muslim, my father is a respected Islamic Ulama; I am from Kogi state, but based in Kaduna. You see, I told you earlier that since I was born no man has even touched my hand, talkless of kissing or hugging me. In fact, to even cross the border – meaning to zip down is a taboo to me. I have a long way to go, I want to marry a decent man, have decent children and if they say they will take after me, I will definitely allow them. I have a very tall ambition in life including furthering my education and having my own studio.

The issue is even if you are as pure as the white cotton, or as pure as holy water, people still look at you female actors and actresses as cheap prostitutes. In fact, some people will not mind telling you this openly when they meet you in the streets?

Please tell them that I am not bothered, or that we are not bothered; I chose to be an entertainer and I am ready to pay the price. We refer to some of them as busy bodies; that is indulging in something that does not concern you. I am very happy that a national daily like the Blueprint Newspapers is dedicating a weekly column for Kannywood and several other pages for entertainment. Please tell those who are ready to listen that we have developed thick skin to their accusations and insults.

Finally, what type of man will you want to marry, a short man with fat tummy, a tall man black handsome man, a rich politician, or even a member of Kannywood?

Well, honestly, a short and fat person will never attract me, but I want you to know that God created us in different fashions – some tall, some short, some black and some fair. Look at my manager sitting there, he is tall, slim and black, any lady’s choice. My friend there, Amina Abdullahi Buzuwa, is of average height, very beautiful with long hair that any woman will want to have, and me Wasila I am soft-spoken, straight forward and humble, while you Oga journalist I can see that you are of average height, fat and a full blown adult and family man, don’t be offended if you fall into the category of people Wasila Usman may not admire.

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