I’m not surprised people wish me dead-Jamila Nagudu


Jamila Umar Nagudu is one Kannywood actresses that can play any role. She is hyped by some directors as being so experienced that once given a script she doesn’t need rehearsals. Jamila was recently rumoured to have died shortly after being hospitalised in Aminu Kano Hospital. In this interview with ALIYU ASKIRA, she reacts to her the rumour, her relationships and much more.

Its nice meeting you again, I must confess that you are doing a wonderful job in Kannywood. What do think led to the rumore that you died?

Thank you very much, here you are commending me and by extension my colleagues in Kannywood, but on the other hand there are many people out there who look at us as prostitutes and people that have no virtue.

The society is full of wicked people. Because of my success in Kannywood, I will not be surprised if people wish that I am dead. But thank God you are now sitting with me and you know very well that I am not dead.

You are talking to me, not to my ghost. I was truly admitted and honestly, the goodwill shown to me when I was sick was something beyond explanation.

Almost all my colleagues in Kannywood and my fans outside the industry visited me in the hospital. They came in their hundreds to see me including journalists and other well-wishers.

You were also said to be planning to get married to Ibrahim Maishinku but nothing came out of that rumour. Were you in relationship with Maishinku?

I never dated Ibrahim Maishinku but we are very close friends. I respect him a lot. Of course, if it is the wish of God that he will be my husband, I will be happy.
Remember that I am a divorcee and even have a son. I am always close to my parents, to my God and to my Colleagues.

One thing I hate in life is cheating or gossiping.

I have come a long way and there is no role that I cannot play in Kannywood as long as it is not against my religion.

My best films are ‘Jiddah’, ‘Jamila da Jamilu’ and ‘Hindu’. In fact, Hindu was my most difficult movie, some people see me as an old woman but the truth is I am around 30 years, as such, I am still full of life.

How about your proposed marriage to Falah M. Sheriff?

Well, I don’t think that relationship is still in place. What I mean is we actually dated but nothing came out of it and I am not hurt because, to me, that is destiny.
But why is it that you pressmen are always eager to report what is hidden?

Anyway, that is the prize one has to pay for being a celebrity.

Honestly, I am one person that always stays out of trouble.

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