I’m praying for my mother to return to my dad – Khadijatul Iman

Khadijatul Iman, the eldest daughter to the famous Kannywood actor and actress, Sani Musa Danja and Mansura Isah, started acting at the age of eight months. She also tells ALIYU ASKIRA in this interview that when she turned eight she was already a mature actress.


Recently, the couple separated and they are now living separately, Mansura Isah have since moved out of Sani Danja’s house and is staying in her own property, the marriage collapsed very long time ago, but the couple refused to make it public because of their children, until when Mansura Isah posted on her Instagram page announcing that her marriage with Sani Danja is no more, and she felt she should make it public for people to know her status.

What is the latest about your family’s troubles?

Well, in or outside Nigeria, I can pursue my dream to be a pilot, apart from that, there are many courses that one can also study in the universities, because age is still on my side and I can tell you, I will make very good use of it. Already, I am a successful actress, but it seems the main focus of your interview will centre on my parent’s separation. Yes, they are no longer together, but in spirit they are still together. This year, I felt terribly bad when during the Sallah festivities we did not do our usual family picture comprising all of us.

Your father Sani Musa Danja and your mother Mansura Isah had a successful courtship before their marriage which lasted for 13 years; why did they decide to separate?

Honestly, I am praying hard for them to re-unite; my mother and father are very dear to me. You are also aware that they had a passionate relationship before they got married, and their union worked fantastically in which they have four children – I, the first, and three others. People always cite their marriage as one of the most successful in Kannywood and, therefore, are not happy when they break up. Their separation was done in a mature manner, but that is what I did not wish for. I want to wake up in the morning and see my father and mother very much around me and it is my dream that such will happen by the grace of God.

One thing that was said to have affected their marriage was the fact that they are always not available for each other because of their engagements; is your mother ready to stay in Purdah?

My mother is a successful producer and entrepreneur; she is also a successful actress. She is into NGO and is an ambassador to NGOs. Secondly, she is a graduate and she worked hard for the degree. We have passed the age of Kule; there are many things she is now handling financially on her own which she was also doing when she was married. So, for you to say she should stay in Kule is primitive. My father is active in many businesses and he too is always out of the house. If I realise my dream and become a pilot, remember how my life will look like. I will always be in the air or the sky; so, I need somebody that will understand me as a husband.

Are you into any relationship?

As far as I am concerned, I don’t have a boyfriend; that is not even my priority now. I want to be successful in life, and fortunately for me, I have parents that are ready to stand for me. I also have my own small money. I used to think so deep in the night and always realise that I don’t have to go out flirting because I get a decent person to marry me. There are several rumours on social media about my love life, but they all are fake. I am after my education, my future and the coming together again of my parents. But, of course, I have many female friends and those aspiring to be my friends.

As for relationships, many people in the industry or outside the industry are toasting me, but honestly, I am not available, my number is not available, you got it because you went through a very close friend to my mother. I don’t mess up in Tik-tok; if you see my mother in Tik-tok, don’t blame her because she is still young and beautiful. But she is highly principled and as such, she is free to enjoy her life. After all, she was married before and has four children.

What are your parents’ weakest and strongest points?

This is a difficult question, but I will attempt to answer you to the best of my knowledge. My father is a successful young man; he is into the entertainment business; he is handsome and very accessible. So, it won’t be surprising if you hear that women are always flocking around him. But generally, he is a very nice person and I am proud of him.

My mother is equally young and beautiful, successful in business, successful as an actress and producer, easily trusting. That is why people easily take her for granted; she is generous and friendly. I cannot wish for a better family than this. We are going to grow into a successful life; what you hear about Kannywood will never affect us because we have very strict parents. My prayer is to grow up, have my businesses here and there, settle down peacefully and help the poor. So, the weakest and strongest points of my parents are that both of them trust people easily and can give whatever they have to the needy.