Why I’m still single –Fati Bararoji

Fati Baffa Bararoji is one of the pioneer actresses in Kannywood. Aside featuring in hit movies, Bararoji had produced two movies: Bakar Tukunya and Jan Ido, before going underground. In this interview with ALIYU ASKIRA in Kano, Bararoji opens up on her relationship, film industry as well as why she is still single.

You used to be a household name in Kannywood, why did you go underground?

Well, I have many reasons why I decided to be very scarce. One, I travel a lot these days, especially to Saudi Arabia, Dubai and India for a jewellery business.

After producing Bakar Tukunya and Jan Ido, I discovered that the industry was no longer what it used to be before. That is why I decided to excuse myself.

So, what is really happening with you?

Well, let me first of all use this medium to call on my fans to pray for me because I am actually desperate to get married and bear children.

I am above 30 years and as a Muslim lady, even my parents are worried that I am still single. But the truth is, good looking guys and even rich men have been toasting me severally. But the issue is, anytime they invite me out, they will request that I follow them to their guest houses or hotels which I don’t like because, if you see a man and a woman, the next person in-between them is Satan. I always avoid that.

This is the why even in my restaurant, if you go there, you hardly see me because I am aware some people go there to have opportunity to invite me out. I don’t know why people are thinking that ladies are either cheap, that with small amount we can zip down for any idiot.

Three years ago, there were rumours that you were set to marry an artist. Why did it not work?

It is a long story, very touching and frustrating. But since you took the pain to come here, I will tell you what happened. The rumour you are talking about was about my proposed marriage to Katsina based singer, Abdu Boda.

This guy had virtually become like a member of our family. He would come to our house and my sisters would even cook for him even if I am not around. Everybody was convinced that he would marry me but all of a sudden, a female friend called me and told me that she saw an invitation sent out by Audu Boda and that the name of the proposed bride is not Fati Baffa.

On hearing such sad news, I almost fainted. Then I decided to call him. Do you know what?

The day I called him was the day his wedding was to take place but do you know that this guy swore to me that what I heard was not true, and actually, it turned out that Audu Boda wedded another lady on the day in question.
Trust me, I dressed up quickly, took a drop to Katsina and attended the reception. I pretended that I was not hurt. However, despite all these, I still love him up till tomorrow. I have nothing against him.

So, how did you overcome the heartbreak?

I quickly went to Umrah and prayed hard to my creator to give me the strength to overcome this shock of the century. Since then, I have continued with my life, praying day and night for God to give me my own man.

You see, as a lady who all her mates are married, I always feel odd and rejected. Whenever I attend events in Kannywood, I see faces of new-breeds. I mean, they are set of actresses that one is old enough to have them as children. As a result, I always feel like retiring completely from the Industry.

However, I still relate with them so much, especially the old friends like Sadiya Gyale, Rukaiyya Dawaiya, Saima Muhammad, Rashida Adamu, and Asmau Sani. I feel comforted whenever I am in their midst.

Finally, your contemporaries in the industry appear to be doing you in terms of material acquisition. What is really happening?

Well, I don’t know how to answer this question. Let me try this: Somebody once told me when a pregnant female student was being interrogated by her principal of the person responsible for the pregnancy, she burst into tears and swore by the Holy Quran that she is a virgin.

I also read a conversation between a prostitute and a politician. The politician told the prostitute to trust him because he is a decent person. Then the lady in question told the politician that he should trust her or even marry her if possible because after being a prostitute for years, she is still a virgin. I believe you understand what I mean?

If I want to mess up, I would have been a proud owner of chains of cars now. Instead, you can see me selling food and taking the risk of travelling to Saudi Arabia, Dubai and India to earn decent living. So, if bottled water is as pure as people claim, then Fati Baffa is as pure as bottled water.

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