Imo family decries members’ disappearance over female circumcision

The Robert Chikezie family of Ehime village in Mbano local government area of Imo state, has lamented the disappearance of their family members, including Mrs. Lovelyn Robert and her children: Delight Robert, Zenith Robert and Crown Robert.

In a statement made available to Blueprint in Abuja, Monday, a member of the family and husband to the “fleeing” woman, Mr. Robert Chima Chikezie, alleged that his wife disappeared with a four-month pregnancy and their three children since February 15 this year, “after refusing to take their daughters to the village for a mandatory circumcision exercise.”

The statement reads in part: “My wife left the house with 4-month pregnancy and three children, when my extended family members demanded for the female children to be taken to our village to go through a compulsory circumcision. She has been refusing to take them to the village, despite the fact that it is our tradition to circumcise our female children.

“Despite carrying out series of searches through the mass media and public hospitals, there is no clue yet on their whereabouts, thereby making this publication a necessity. It is mandatory for the female children to be circumcised on or before Friday, September 27, 2019. Therefore, whoever sees them or has any useful information regarding their whereabouts should report or take them to the nearest police station.”

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