Impact of peer group in higher institutions

The academic environment taught us a broad alliance of individuals connected from different social, cultural, economic, and ethnic backgrounds formed together as an emergent group.

However, the system provides a student as a socialization agent that explored him to a different world which in turn, influences him to conform to the laid norms and values of the institution which if he deviates, may result in him being a social vice’s product.

Therefore, some students play an enormous role in shaping someone’s cultural, social, and moral conduct which advances him from his last position. They influenced him to become more tolerant, obedient, conformist, and disciplined.

Nonetheless, this coordinates for his integration into the basic complex social and moral systems which are essential in the survival and sustenance of stability in his academic environment. Under this arrangement, different ways are used in teaching the newcomers the values, beliefs, and rules of behavior appeared to be stronghold similar.

Likewise, the peer group influence cannot be overemphasized that’s why some students have the mindset of spoiling a student’s good social and moral to engage in nefarious activities such as gangsterism, prostitution, Yahoo yahoo, They often drag the new student to associates them in all social vices, it is also obvious that students of the tertiary institutions are more independent compared to when they were in secondary school.

Furthermore, by associating with the above-mentioned personalities who sometimes, had a criminogenic behaviors and low self-esteem, a student may accidentally find himself committing the following criminal acts; drug addiction, cultism, theft and steal and unregulated sexual behavior to mention but a few.

Subsequently, these leads to the formation of gangs, mobs, unproper cliques, and unspecified groups whose primary objectives were going astray with the academic and social rules and regulations.

Therefore, using this medium, I would like to advise my fellow students the in knowing which type of friends they should associate with and also, to draw the attention of our parents and schools management in keeping nose to their children and students movement and putting more measures to keeps them busy in line with the academic and societal norms and values.

Happiness Benjamin,

Department of Mass Communication,

University of Maiduguri

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