Impeachment saga: Kano Assembly sacks principal officers


The move by the Kano state Assembly to impeach the Speaker, Yusuf Abdullahi Ata, yesterday failed to actualise, as 24 aggrieved members could not meet the required 27 signatories to form the 2/3 majority to impeach the speaker. However, the 24 aggrieved members stormed the Assembly complex to announce the immediate removal of two principal officers, the Chief Whip, Hon. Labaran Abdul Madari (Warawa constituency) and Deputy Majority Leader, Hon. Muhammad Bello Butu-Butu (Rimin Gado/Tofa constitutency), to pave way for the eventual impeachment of the speaker, Yusuf Abdullahi Ata. When the convoy of the members, led by a former speaker, Alhassan Rurum, arrived at about 11:00 am, swung into action in their attempt to gain entrance into the complex, they were barred from gaining access by stern-looking security operatives.
The situation prompted the former speaker, Rurum who engaged the security agents in an argument over why they would be barred from performing their constitutional right. An argument then ensued, in which the commissioner of police, through a telephone conversation with the former speaker, instructed the security men to allow the members to address the press outside the Assembly complex. The spokesperson of the aggrieved members, Alhassan Rurum, said “we are still gathering momentum in ensuring that we get the required members as there is no retreat no surrender. “We have removed the two principal officers, that is, the Chief Whip and the Deputy Majority Leader.
We have gotten the required number of signatories, 24, to that eff ect as such we have simple majority”


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