Imposition and impunity: The rebirth of Third Force in Toro in 2023

The absence of contest and competition in various endeavours of man tend to always lead to systematic abuse of power/privilege, discrimination, segregation and marginalisation. These and many more have through history initiated chaos, uproar, rebellion and, to a large extent, war. It is on record that the absence of free, fair and credible elections process has forced the electorate to surrender their support for the major political parties and drum support for smaller ones.

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Toro federal constituency of Bauchi state has slugged itself into another dilemma of impossibility of emerging victorious in the forthcoming general elections because of impunity and imposition against the will of the teeming party supporters. It is now clear that more political parties are gaining momentum and acceptability to take charge as many are not ready to risk the future of their children and the unborn generations in the hands of undertakers.

Since the aftermath of the 2015 elections in Nigeria, the PDP in Toro federal constituency has been under the custody of the immediate past director of Bauchi State Procurement Bureau, Engineer Joshua Titus Sanga FNSE. The good people of Toro federal constituency thought his loyalty and outstanding sacrifices to the party in addition to his relationship as well as the accolades he commands will earn him the party ticket and guarantee the success of the party. The primary election has left behind unresolved confrontations within the party machinery especially with party supporters weighing an option.

Man by nature can only accommodate stress as far as his nominal neurological capabilities can withstand after which it signals the need for dissociation or termination of what so ever causes such discomfort. Nature has backed man with excellent survival instincts as well as default negotiation skills and affinity for dialogue when or where necessary. These insinuations have opened another political calculations especially with another political parties forming a third force to take over power.

The political landscape in Toro has been ravaged by all sorts of injustice and absolute disregard for the voters. The desires and aspirations of the common man are always considered not pivotal or necessary as the principles of the Romans is always employed to keep the angry tendencies of the masses in check. As it stands, the chances of the PDP to win the forthcoming general elections in Toro are indeed slim especially with the rebirth of the New Nigeria People’s Party, NNPP, the Social Democratic Party, SDP, and the People’s Redemption Party, PRP, as a Third Force in the local government area with all decrying the lack of internal democracy in major political parties, especially the Peoples Democratic Party.

An unreasonable norm within the political space has been the act of enforcing bad characters and actors who over the years not only enrich themselves but make sure the fire of discrimination and marginalisation of the minorities never quenches. This not only affects the masses but also those with brilliant indicators for good governance. To me, our great party, the PDP, has shot itself on the right foot and is on the verge of losing its political structures built for long by those short changed through the just concluded primaries.

The unrepentant style and manner of subjugation enforced by the so-called two big political forums in Nigeria has birthed the dire need for a Third Force where political diversification is achieved and options for voter discretion is provided. The main reason the then ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, in Bauchi state lost elections in 2015 was nothing other than imposition and impunity of unpopular candidates on the people who have the final touch to light the way.

Dogmatic loyalty to political parties gets zero reward and thus internal sabotage becomes profitable as aggrieved members recuperate via unwholesome political practices at the expense of the mother party. This scenario is a serious discourse in Toro federal constituency where the culture of reward system seems to be an illusion but instead those who were out of sight during the party trials are rewarded instead and it is a time to change the ugly narrative.

The recent cross carpeting of political power houses in the Toro area has been due to many reasons ranging from interest, lack of level playing ground, and desire to maintain power at all cost. These reasons may lack justification here but might gain prominence there, depending who is analysing the issue. Toro federal constituency and its constituents have a clear vision to see beyond their noses especially in regards to safeguarding their future and that of the generations unborn. Hence, it is time to unravel the injustices and lay a solid foundation for good governance that will be anchored on peace and unity beyond tribal and religious rantings.

The emergence of political parties like the NNPP, SDP, PRP and AA in Toro could be a welcome reality basically with the sole aim of retiring the two strong parties in the region. These new perceived forces could be the necessary check for the political alignment highly sought after by the masses. The lack of internal stability exhibited by the big two could be of benefit to any of these emerging forces with sound political ideology and formidable base. I am confident that the good people of Toro federal constituency will this time around choose to vote for a candidate and not just a political party as their future counts more than their loyalty.

David, a concern PDP member, writes from Toro, Bauchi state via [email protected]

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