Impunity, mediocrity reign in Nigeria- Bayelsa delegate

A federal government delegate to the national conference, Chief Asara O. Asara has taken a swipe at the policy makers and those in government for celebrating mediocrity and allowing impunity to reign supreme for a long time.
Chief Asara, an indigene of Bayelsa state who enumerated a lot of issues plaguing the country noted that it was only in Nigeria that an individual can annul an election and still be celebrated as a hero among the citizens.

The federal delegate accused Nigeria of unforgiveness, pointing out that many years after the civil war the Igbos were yet to be forgiven by the rest of the country.
He also said it was only in Nigeria that some people would go about asking for amnesty for criminals who go about killing fellow citizens while they were asleep wondering why the first class graduates wonder about in search of employment while the mediocre is first to be considered for employment.

The delegate from Bayelsa state noted though President Goodluck Jonathan has the country at heart, he is the most criticized saying that Bayelsa state has been vindicated as producing a president who has passion for the country.
Chief Asara noted that the essence of the conference is to know whether Nigerians intends to stay together or not, however pointing out that it if the delegates do not agree that the country stays together specifically if the country’s next generation does not have future, he would opt to stay where he is needed.
He stated that he would not want his children to be enslaved, saying that Nigeria has a lot of problems which requires solution else there would be no future for the children.

The federal delegate stated that other countries would not tolerate what Nigerians are tolerating, stating that his father was not consulted when the country was brought together.
Earlier, a representative of Labour, Uche Ugboaja had said unusual things happen in Nigeria while displaying a tooth pick which he said was imported from China .
He wanted governorship of states based on zoning be abolished because it encourages mediocrity and throws up people who cannot perform for their people.

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