In total support of anti-gay

The under-mentioned concerned Nigerian lawyers wish to emphatically state that the letter entitled: “Anti-Gay, a crime against reason” and purportedly authored by a group of Nigerian professionals in the Diaspora, lampooning the Nigeria Anti-Gay Law is pathetically at variance with common sense, right reason, legal and socio-cultural reality in Nigeria and what is reasonable in a democratic society.

Contrary to the letter, 99% of the entire Nigerian population is in support of the Nigerian Ant-Gay Law. Laws are made in consonance with the values of the people. Every country is interested in protecting its cherished values. Homosexuality is a complete break with African civilization.  It is suicidal to import practices and lifestyles in America and Europe which are alien to Nigeria and seek to impose them as laws all in the name of “the private affairs of two consenting”.

Homosexuality is aberration in all Nigerian cultures. According to the Nigerian Law Reform Commission: “the very notion of same-sex cohabitation or marriage, as the case may be is abhorrent to African sensibilities, and quite contrary to the norms of the Nigerian society…it is our view that it would be a great disservice to our society, which is currently bedevilled by so many societal ills, to accord more than a passing mention to such unions in the course of a family reform exercise. Despite our awareness of the assurance to the contrary by authorities in some of the developed countries, our view is that homosexuality is an acquired habit that ought to be eradicated and not be transformed into an acceptable human conduct by law…our recommendation with regard to same-sex marriage is absolute prohibition…”

Chuka Agbu, SAN; Kola Olusola Esq., Chief Frank Agbedo Esq;  Mary Ekemezie Esq., Sonnie Ekwowusi Esq., Ifeyinwa Awagu Esq; Patience Andoh Esq., Chukwuma Ezeala Esq.,, Tonia Onobanjo Esq.

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