Incredible: Female wrestler beats up 3 male fighters


American female wrestler, Maria A. Spiro, popularly known as Maria Manic has beaten up three male wrestlers in the ring in an overwhelming display of strength.

In the video which surfaced on  Maria Manic’s Instagram handle, the powerful female wrestler was challenged by three male wrestlers in the ring and she made a mince of them with ease showing that women can compete effectively or even bettered some male wrestlers.

The 22-year old Maria Manic, who was born March 25, 1997, is an American professional wrestler who spent her debut year in Covey Promotions (CP), located in West Virginia. On October 17, 2015 Manic wrestled and defeated Nyla Rose at CP Homecoming 2015 in a CP Women’s Championship match won by Rose.

On November 14 at CP 5th Annual Veteran’s Day Weekend Extravaganza, Manic lost her title rematch against Rose. On December 12 at CP Christmas Chaos 2015, Manic won the title from Rose.

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