Independence anniversary: Atiku urges unity, bemoans declining standard of living

Atiku Abubakar

A former Vice President Atiku Abubakar has urged Nigerians to remain united despite their current existential challenges and struggles for economic survival.

He also called on governments at all levels to enunciate policies that will lead to improved standards of living for the average Nigerian even as he assured that the future ahead of us as a nation will be brighter and better.

Atiku in goodwill message on the occasion of Nigeria’s 61st Independence Anniversary by his media adviser, Paul Ibe Thursday, expressed concerns at the level of disunity, intolerance and bigotry in the country which results in conflicts with its attendant losses of human lives and property.

According to him, “disunity doesn’t help Nigerians because it makes it impossible for them to unite for a mutually beneficial common cause.

“I believe that our common interests are greater than those things that divide us. If we spend our energies on division rather than fighting for our common interests, it would be more difficult to bring about positive change to assuage the situation.”