Injustice, bane of insecurity – Lawyer


A legal practitioner, Mr Qaasim Odedeji, has attributed injustice and unequal distribution of dividends of democracy to the economic and security challenges facing the country. 

He maintained that Nigeria will be great if government at all levels, including families, can ensure equal justice. 

Odedeji, who is the Amir of the Muslim Society of Nigeria (MSSN) B Zone, stated this in Osogbo while speaking on “The Concept of Justice and Equitability in Islam”, on Tuesday. 

He expressed sadness over the rate at which merit is winding down in the employment, Nigerian universities and almost every sector of the country. 

“Merit is winding up in Nigeria universities. Adverts are being pasted to regularise what has been done. Merit is lacking in job seeking. Even during interviews, only those already penciled down for job usually scale through. 

“The case of judiciary is known to everybody. Some people will make calls to the police and a criminal will be released while someone that engaged in just a fight will spend years in prison. After some of the suspects have spent some years in prison, advice will come that he has no case to answer. 

“You will pay for meter and still be paying huge amount on electricity. When they bring the meter after four or five years, people start rejoicing. You will buy cable, buy transformer and it become property of electricity distribution company.  

“Leaders should know that they will account to Allah on the day of judgement just as parents will account,” he said.

He advised government at all levels to ensure equal distribution of wealth among the governed. 

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