Insecurity: Another civil war looms, cleric warns

The in charge of Fire Church of the Anointed, Gwagwalada, Abuja, Rev. Prof. Ernest King Obi Onochie, has warned that Nigeria may be plunged into another unnecessary civil war that could mar the very existence of the country if urgent steps are not taken to arrest the drift.

The cleric made the revelation during a press conference on “New Nigeria from God’s Intervention: Proclamation of the Vision of Broom and Rake,” in Abuja over the weekend.

The retired Professor of English , University of Abuja, pointed out that “Nigeria has become a body without a head; a rotten orange or egg. It’s a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury but signifying nothing.”

He noted that, “Nigeria has become a leper among the nations of the world and therefore, stigmatised as a shit hole, an animal kingdom, a zoo, a fools’ paradise, a palace of hypocrites, theater of the absurd and a psychiatric kingdom.”

Onochie said should hear the message he brings to stop crying, stop prying for what has already been done, stop prophesying for what we can already see, stop asking for what has already been given, stop seeking for what has been found, and stop knocking at an open door.

“Today, out of the ruins of , the Lord Jesus Christ has given a brand new Nigeria and that must be prepared to take it and not behave like the stiff necked unbelieving Israelites that refused to enter the promised land,” he added.

According to the cleric, “When I got myself together and to meditate on the vision, I saw it was larger than life and that the whole fortune of Nigeria was in it. Now came the biggest problem of affordability.

“How could I afford the hosting of an international press conference to proclaim the vision of a new Nigeria? I had thought of getting money from the grants whose disbursement has continued to elude the subscribers because of the unrighteous . With the Nigeria, the grants will become a reality.”

He called on to receive the new Nigeria from God’s intervention, pointing out that “the corrupt Nigerian leaders have a second to receive the salvation of their souls through repentance with reasonable restitution.”

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