Insecurity: Ebonyi to unleash 1000 local vigilantes


state Wednesday said it would set up 1000 local vigilante to ensure proper security in the 13 council areas.The Secretary to the State (SSG) and the coordinating commissioner, Dr Kenneth Ugbala, disclosed  this to journalists during a joint press briefing with the internal security commissioner, Stanley Emeagha, after an enlarged security meeting at old House, Abakaliki.Ugbala said, “The council had extensive discussions on the of vigilantes and we want to take our security from the grassroot the way it has always traditionally been done. Every community in state is to have five vigilantes and that will give a total of 700 vigilantes at the 13 local areas of state. They will be responsible outside our normal community vigilantes that have always been our traditional way of safeguarding our people which the encouraged that all the villages and should set out their own vigilantes. We all grew up to meet all these things being done and this is the right time creating barricades on the roads at odd hours and checkmating who is going out and coming in at our local areas and .

“The state will equally set 700 vigilantes across the 13 LGAs and another 300 at the urban making it a total of 1000 vigilante members. The essence of it is that all the necessary facilities that can help them do their work better including mobility and training will be instituted through the Ministry of Internal security immediately. The vehicles have already been purchased by to make sure that they are strategically located in all the corners in the state  to ensure that our people are not attacked by bandits.”

On the steady on police stations, the SSG noted that the have been told to find the best way to protect themselves and their  properties as it is their duties to protect others.

He called on police to keep their surroundings clean and avoid bushes from taken over them.

“The council resolved that the police in state  and other should do their best to protect their police stations, that any police station that allows the division or area command to be attacked, government will have no option than to allow such division or command to be closed down. The reason is that our have the primary responsibilities of protecting not only their stations or personnel working with them but our citizens but where they cannot even protect themselves, it is a big problem because they are trained for that and government agreed that if the agencies allowed their facilities to be attacked, then government will be requesting for close down of such station or area command while the officers working in such places will face disciplinary actions.

“We encourage to have a combine team of security guide at each of the police stations and area commands throughout the state to safeguard their facilities. The council equally resolved that every police station should make effort to clear from the facilities, their division area command to clear it 200 radius away from the station. A situation where police stations and area commands are allowed to be surrounded by bushes, will give room for .”

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