Insecurity in Niger state

Niger state has of recent become the theatre of war and a safe haven for . This is a state that had been acclaimed by many as the most peaceful and hospitable state in but has become very popular for the negative reasons.

This feat is regrettably achieved by reoccurring insecurity bedevilling the state. We are on daily bases awakened by the news of attacks and from different parts of the state. This has gotten to a stage where citizens are afraid to travel by road or even sleep in their various homes with their eyes closed. The sad reality is that appears defeated and has apparently surrendered to these elements.

The cannot and must not appear to be weak. They must up their game in finding a lasting solution to the menace. at all levels needs to take responsibility and be proactive rather than their usual reactions. They must realise that of the armless citizens is their responsibility and they have sworn an oath to protect it.

The issue of banditry and in has become a difficult nut to crack; many questions begging for answers- citizens are asking why it has become difficult for the to locate these , but easy for the Sheik. They believe that and the agencies should have an answer to this question and many more questions. But, believe me, what the citizens care about right now is the SOLUTION.

Idris Mohammed Shabafu,

Minna [email protected]

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