Insecurity in Nigeria God’s way of judging the Church – Cleric

General Overseer of Endtime Universal Mission Bwari, Apostle Ele Adejoh, has attributed the incessant killings across the country to God’s wrath being visited upon the church for neglecting her spiritual responsibilities to the creator.

The cleric stated this while receiving an international award for excellence in Christian leadership for his selfless dedication to the gospel of Jesus Christ and service to humanity in Nigeria on Sunday in Abuja.

According to the man of God, those that are supposed to take the gospel to the interior part of the North and win souls for Christ are being carried away and distracted by the wealth, resources, material gains instead of using it to push initiatives for missionary activities, especially in reaching out to far North in Nigeria; Chad, Niger, Mali down to North Africa, Tunisia.

He said: “At this time in the Church of God in Nigeria, we should be touching the Middle East by now, taking the gospel and the cross of Christ to Madina, Mecca and to every other part of the world but we have failed because we began to build empires; our own kingdom and not His kingdom and the negative happenings are a call to go for repentance and ask God for mercy and for a second chance to do that which we have neglected.

“Because of this negligence, the Church has become inactive in warfare, prayers and the insecurity has a spiritual connotation before the physical. There is no foot soldier that goes to the fight today whether Boko Haram, herdsmen, and what have you; they are all aiming for the same agenda for the Islamisation of Nigeria.

“Meanwhile, God has given the Church opportunity to prepare and stand in the gap, to bring the cross of Jesus to every nook and cranny. If the people carrying guns today were born again, they won’t be carrying weapons like guns.”