Insecurity: Laws prohibiting arms for private security obsolete, practitioners insist

The Association of Licensed Private Security Practitioners of Nigeria (ALPSPN) has faulted Daily Trust Newspapers editorial on the arming of its personnel stating that ‘the medium got it wrong.’

Addressing a press conference, Monday in Abuja, the National President, ALPSPN, Mr. Wilson Esangbedo, said: “On March 20, 2020, the much respected newspaper, Daily Trust, set out to discredit the initiative of the ALPSPN) on the arming of its personnel.

“The editorial was fallout of the association’s appeal to the Minister of Interior, Rauf Aregbesola, for private security guards in Nigeria to be permitted to bear arms.

“It is gratifying to note that the newspaper did not fault the argument of the ALPSPN on the global examples of private security guards bearing arms, rather the newspaper dwelled on other industry issues such minimum wage, alleged ostentatious and lavish lifestyles of chief executives of private security firm owners and clerical functions of some private security guards where they are posted to.”

He said private security guards have found themselves, and will continue to find themselves in positions to stop robberies, thefts and other threats if they were armed.

According to him, “Most of those engaged in providing added security services to organisations and individuals have staked all their long services and investment in this venture.

“The fact that insecurity persists is enough reason why private security guards should have the opportunity to contribute their quota to the security and well-being of their communities and institutions.

“If the newspaper is unaware, private guards continue to provide credible intel to core security organs which have led to apprehension and nipping in the bud of serious crimes. The inside facts are usually not for public consumption.”

Speaking further he said, “Though Section 17 of Private Guard Decree of 1986, as amended in 2004, prohibits private security guards from carrying arms, it is not cast in stone.

“Various Acts, Decrees and Laws have been amended and are being amended. To amend the Private Guard Decree, which is long overdue, is not out of place given emerging threats and socio-political realities.

“We use this opportunity to appeal for the amendment of the Private Guard Decree of 1986 to incorporate the carrying of arms of private guards as well as other salient amendments that will strengthen the functions of the ALPSPN to better serve the country.”

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