Insecurity: Let states have security outfits, Archbishop tells FG

The current facing the country can be eradicated if states are encouraged to have their trained security arrangement with whatever nomenclature they choose, the Archbishop of Calabar archdioceses of the Methodist Church of Nigeria, Most Rev. Emmanuel Udofia, has said.

In a chat with our reporter in Calabar, Tuesday, the clergy, who supervises the church in Cross River and parts of Akwa Ibom, said should encourage states to come up with security outfits to help stem the tide of challenges instead of maligning them.

He charged the country’s political leaders to take decisive action to save Nigeria from people who, he said, are bent on destroying the country through kidnapping, armed robbery and wanton killings.

“I perfectly subscribe to the argument that each state should have its security unit made up of its own people. Insecurity and particularly atrocities of Fulani herdsmen and other criminally minded individuals have reached an alarming level.

“The annoying thing is that the marauding herdsmen are not and prosecuted. Somebody said his tribe is the owner of Nigeria but he may have forgotten that Nigeria has boundaries. It is appalling that people are now trying to use force to claim what does not belong to them.

“I like what the south western states are trying to do with the Amotekun security outfit. Each state should have its own security arrangement since, with the current ; we have now realised that the federal force does not have ability to protect the country adequately.

“The states, after establishing such security network, should register it officially with and send names of members of the outfit to the federal for proper training on how to carry arms. They should be given uniforms for identifications and should be monitored,” he stated.

He lamented that the fabrics which held the Nigeria nation together was collapsing, and added “there is something fundamentally wrong about this security issue. should bring back the dignity of this nation.”

Archbishop Udofia called on the country to restructure the country “so that every state would be challenged to bring out its best from its own environment and pay royalty to the centre.”

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