Insecurity: Presidency not doing all-out-effort

Terrorists who attacked Kaduna bound-train in March are becoming bold to have courage in uploading the videos of their innocent victims who committed no offence.

We have said it earlier, terrorists and criminals will continue to have a field day, as long as the government continues to show I don’t care attitude and refuses to send this animal to the gallows.

It’s a crying shame for us to watch our brothers and sisters in such a brush with death with no end in sight. How could we believe that the government is making any frantic effort to rescue them?

The country’s security and defence forces are helpless in the sight of every patriotic Nigerian until our innocent civilians are rescued and also protected against any unforeseen circumstances that threaten the peaceful existence of the people.

The leadership are relenting in its primary responsibility, perhaps, they are oblivious or negligent of the primary aim of being in government. If they cannot perform optimally, then, we need someone is capable of doing the job.

Yes! “Terrorism is a global scourge that must be fought by all actors- the military, the civilian population and the communication service providers.” But, could this be an excuse for our people to be murdered yet no end in sight. Indeed, it’s unacceptable, we can’t take it anymore. We need better antidotes and a far cry from the present predicament.

Our gallant troops need sophisticated weapons to send terrorists to their maker for them to answer crimes against humanity not behind the time approach.

Nigeria is having a bad hair day in almost every aspect, from the economy, security, health care system, and education are in quandary from top to bottom. With massive corruption in the political class including the civil service, etc, there is an urgent need to reset the button if we want to get it right as a nation. The insecurity is synonymous with lack of education whether we like it or not, no literate folks will take weapons against their fellow citizens, unless their brain is not functioning appropriately.

No one is saying the government should submit to terrorists’ demands, but, to deny them breathing air, give them no chance to annihilate any community, and use sophisticated weapons that will send a strong signal to anyone or group with similar terrible intentions. At this juncture, society must report any suspicious movement within their domains, intelligence gathering is very important to defeat terrorism any where, around the world.

I, therefore, call on the government to rise to its primary responsibility by securing the lives and properties of all Nigerians for us to live peacefully. This is not what we bargain by entrusting our mandates to the present leadership. May God bring succour to our people and may peace reign in the land. Indeed, we have nowhere to call home than Nigeria.

Tajuddeen Ahmad Tijjani,
Galadima Mahmoud Street,
Kasuwar kaji Azare,
Bauchi state.

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