Insecurity: Save Nigeria flays Gora over security apparatus criticism

The Convener, Save Nigeria Movement (SNM), Solomon Semaka, has condemned Colonel Albehu Dauda Gora (retd.) over criticism of the country’s security apparatus for allegedly failing to contain security challenges in confronting the country.
Semaka, while reacting to a publication by Gora said: “It is astonishing that a retired Colonel, who is supposed to have diverse knowledge of processes involved in security operations, and safely publishing an article from the comfort of his abode, could allege complete failure of the security apparatus in containing security challenges confronting the country.”
The article titled: Ignorance and lamentations of Col. Gora Dauda (retd.) read in part, “It seems to be an era of disgruntled military personnel spreading falsehoods and baseless concoctions on government and its institutions to draw attention to themselves or seek relevance.

“One of such persons is Colonel Albehu Dauda Gora (retd.) whose quest to exploit the recent frenzy trailing the controversial interview by Navy Commodore Kunle Olawunmi (retd.) led him to publish a malicious and half-baked article borne out of despicable ignorance.”

According to him, “In the mischievous write up filled with lies and fallacies, Gora was intentional about dragging security agencies particularly, the DSS in the mud.

“Obviously, Gora’s flawed article filled with misconceptions, is a clear representation of his villainous character responsible for his failure as a security operative and politician.

“Intentionally ignoring successes achieved in the fight against criminality to secure the Nation and making light of the efforts of security operatives in combating rising crime is mischievous, spiteful and a display of disloyalty to a country and the Nigerian Army he once served.

“Insinuating that laxity on part of the DSS led to Sheikh Ahmed Gumi taking up the responsibility of negotiating with bandits on behalf of government is indeed absurd.”

The SNM convener further stated that, “Gumi is sure on his own to the best of my knowledge. I do not hold brief for him, government or the DSS. To Gora, what should government do? Negotiate with bandits or not? If Government comes out to say it is in talks with bandits, Gora and his types will go on a comprehensive attack against it to ask why.

“All over the world, there are people like Gumi who as non-state and religious actors engage in acts of sorts for common good. I do not hold brief for him.

“Again, does Gora expect the DSS to publicly explain its modus operandi in containing the threat of banditry and clampdown of subversive elements? Or is Gora’s understanding of the word “secret” and “discreet” limited?

“His erroneous assertion that security has consistently been mouthed to be everybody’s responsibility and that that is where it all ends, is misleading.

“Gora is wrong to have generalised this statement because he chose to be irresponsible in not providing information to security agencies. It is on record that responsible Nigerians continue to provide information and work hand in hand with security agencies to secure the country.

“Other than hiding behind his keyboard to attack security agencies who sacrifice their lives to protect the country, what can Gora categorically pinpoint to as his contributions to security in his community, Kaduna State or Nigeria at large?”

Semaka further stated that, “Another instance of Gora’s mischief and deception is the misrepresentation of facts in alleging that the DSS declared Commodore Kunle Olawunmi wanted. “This deliberate misconception is despite the confirmation and clarification by Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) and credible media outlets that Olawunmi was invited by DIA to shed more light on information he provided on Channels Television to aid counter terrorism efforts.

“Despite media proofs stating otherwise, purposely accusing the DSS of declaring Olawunmi wanted exposes his real intent to incite the public against the agency.”

According to him, “Gora and his likes obviously need lessons on patriotism in order to appreciate the efforts and monumental sacrifices of security agents in safeguarding the country. Gora’s attitude of castigating and downplaying the role of the DSS and other security agencies stands totally condemned.

“In my humble opinion, disloyalty by serving and retired military personnel that directly undermines core institutions of the country required to protect itself or advance its interests should be punished.

“Military authorities should begin to look into that. This is in order to rein in malicious and disgruntled retired and tired characters like Gora. Good news is that the Nigerian Military parades an array of highly professional, dedicated and loyal serving and retired officers. Kudos to such men and women.”

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