Insecurity: Why its hard to defeat Boko Haram – APC chieftain

The National Vice Chairman, North-East of the All Progressives Congress () Comrade Mustapha Salihu, has said that the ideology behind insurgency has made it difficult to be completely defeated.
He, however, said that the present administration of President Muhammadu Buhari has done well in fighting the scourge.
Speaking Thursday at the national secretariat of , after receiving an award as Grand Commander of Nigerian Students, presented to him by the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), the chieftain said even more advanced countries have not been able to completely tackle insurgents.
“Terrorism is motivation value-oriented it is very hard to defeat because you will find out that this group is not even a group, it is an ideology. They don’t have where they meet. I want to tell you that this government has done well in fighting terrorists more especially in North East.
“First of all, we should understand that is a terrorist’s organisation and when we define terrorism, it is an act of violence, perpetrated by the non -combatant target, unknown type of combatant group, unknown combatant target to cajole government for certain kinds of decisions and you have to look for motivation of a terrorist whether political, economic or values.
“Let us go to the memory lane and start with the IRS, that is Irish Resistant down to Spain, Taliban and Al-Qaedah. You know we have advance democracies fully developed nations fighting these people for fifty, sixty years. You cannot say you have decimated 100%, that is terrorism. I am an expert and I studied defence studies, I was the best oral student of terrorism in 1997. I know what terrorism is and this government has done wonderfully well.”
When asked what the party was doing to include more youths in APC government, the APC Vice Chairman said: “The APC as a  party has done its best to see that youths get proper representation. Myself, being the national vice chairman is a testimony. The last person occupied this position was 60 years old and I am in my early 40s, I am given this appointment, I am given this office. That shows that there are inclusion of youths is thriving within APC.
“You know, this is an APC government, so, we will do our best to let this reflect in APC as a party and reflect in the cabinet of the president too. So, I am assuring you that APC is doing its best to see that youths are properly represented, and the government is doing great, we need government to do more and encourage him to do more.”

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