Interesting Telegram channels in Kenya 2018

Searching for new interesting Telegram channels in Kenya? Check out the latest list of Telegram channels links for all occasions and for every taste. Want to cheer up and read about something funny? In our list of Telegram channels in Kenya 2018 you will find the best humor groups in Kenya etc. Searching for news channels? Continue reading!

It is not a secret, that Kenyans love to communicate with each other and curious mind connected with latest technologies helps them to find new and new ways to connect people. Doesn’t matter which technology to use laptop or smartphone with WhatsApp, finding a more comfortable and interesting method to communicate is always their priority.

So, it is not surprising, that Telegram has also became a popular communication channel. There must be hundreds if not thousands of different Telegram channels in Kenya nowadays. The content can vary from really interesting and even useful to truly disgusting.

Tuko has sampled some different Telegram channels links, that might be interesting for you. Since we all have our own unique taste, some of the channels you might find interesting, and some not worth of your attention at all.

Telegram channels list in Kenya

News Telegram channels

Want to be always up to date with the latest Kenyan news? Then check out these best news Telegram channels to join. Here you will be able to read, discuss and even post interesting news that are going on in the country.

  1. NTV News Rush. They call themselves “Kenya’s #1 brand on social media and first for breaking news”. Sounds interesting right? If that is so, you are welcome to follow the link and join the channel –
  2. Breaking News KE. Another excellent source of latest Kenyan news, as it posts news from reliable media sources like capital News, Nation News, Standard News etc. Want to have all the most interesting news from Kenya in one channel? Follow the link –
  3. Kenya Alerts. If you will need to find information about the latest alerts in Kenya, like car accidents and security updates, you simply have to follow this link –
  4. The Star Kenya. So called “political voice of Kenya” –


Agriculture Telegram channels in Kenya

It doesn’t matter are you a professional farmer or only an interested amateur. If you like gardening and farming, you have to join these Telegram channels links about Agriculture. Get the needed information, find answers and share you experience among like-minded people.

  1. Farmers +254 Group. This Telegram group will help you to find out the latest trends in Kenyan farming, interesting ideas and even do some agricultural business. Would like to join? Follow the link –
  2. Graduate Farmer. The title already speaks for itself. Want to become a professional farmer in various spheres, then join the Graduate Farmer official Telegram channel –


Funny Telegram channels list

Want to make your gloomy day a bit funnier? Then join the following humorous Telegram Channels.

  1. Crazy Monday. These guys promise that you will be constantly breaking your ribs because of endless laugh. Enjoy the latest humor, jokes and memes at Crazy Monday. Link to join them –
  2. The creators of this channel promise that you will be laughing every single second from the amount of “sick” jokes that are posted. Link to follow –


Television and movies

Have seen an interesting film and you want to discuss it? Then you simply have to join the following movie Telegram channels in Kenya.

  1. Here you have a unique opportunity to download various films absolutely for free. Join the channel via the link –
  2. Tv Series. Another great channel, where you can find and download all your favorite TV series absolutely for free. Grab the link –

Found something interesting for yourself, or maybe you know some other interesting Telegram channels to join, that you would like to share? If that is so, please, write them in the comments section below.


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