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Intrigues as 61-year old Bash Ali muscles FG for record bout

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Former World Boxing Federation Cruiserweight champion, Bash Ali is hopeful of fi ghting in a Guiness world record bout even at the grand age of 61, and he prays the Federal government of Nigeria to help him actualise his dream.
Ali defeated British boxer Tony Booth on August 15 2004 in a WBF bout that lasted only three rounds via technical knockout, but has not fought in an international stage since then albeit he still retains hope of doing so in a bid to become the oldest boxer in a title fi ght. “Do I still look forward to fighting a world title fight?
Why not! I want to make history as the oldest boxer to have fought big time and I want to plead with the federal government to make it happen. It will be to Nigeria’s credit still,” Ali said. “As for me, there is no fear.
There is a plan to stage a fight in the last Saturday of December 2017 if this government moves according to the blueprint. At the moment talks are still ongoing. “We are going to shock the world. I need everybody, government, corporate bodies and well meaning individuals to make it happen.
That will be a good way to usher in a new year.” Ali made his boxing debut on June 1, 1978 against Wilbert Albers in a fight he lost. Ali has fought 80 professional fights, winning 66 of them and losing 14. Interestingly 18 of Ali’s wins were against debutants, most of the losers being lesser known Nigerian boxers.

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