Intrigues of some desperate Katsina state politicians, —By ABU ABDULLAHI

Th e recent convergence of some socalled key political fi gures of the All Progressives Congress, APC, from Katsina state, under the auspices of the ‘’Katsina State Initiative for Good Governance’’: on Arewa House in Kaduna, was ostensibly a stakeholders’ meeting to fashion out strategies to advance the cause of the party and the people of Katsina.

However, a closer look revealed that it is a desperate move by a group of frustrated failed politicians determined to drawback the hands-of-the-clock of progress in Katsina politics, create tension and confusion in the APC.

Th is is evident by the roll call of failed politicians at the brief event and their vitriolic attacks on Governor Aminu Bello Masari CFR, Dallatun Katsina and Matawallen Hausa.

Just like the leopard which can never change its spots, these political mavericks, having failed to achieve their political aspirations and aware of the political sentiment at the time, pretended to be part of the team of progressiveness and were carried along in the aff airs of state.

However, these characters have all along been furtively undermining the government and the APC in Katsina, fanning the embers of discontent to precipitate crisis.

It is therefore safe to assume that tired and frustrated of being ignored in their machinations, resulting from several nocturnal meetings and plots against the governor, the group fi nally revealed itself at the hasty Kaduna meeting.

Funny though, is the group’s claim of convening so-called meeting to supposedly discuss issues bothering the state on behalf of APC and people of Katsina state, even though they lacked the decency of holding the meeting in Katsina.

Th e group spinelessly ran to Kaduna to hatch their malicious intents and launch vitriolic attacks on the Government of Katsina state, and by extension condemned the APC which was elected by the masses.

However, majority of the people that attended the meeting revealed that they were deceived in the belief that they were invited to advance the course of APC in the state.

Th is is obviously designed to create ill-feelings among our teeming followers, generate tension and crisis in the APC, both in the state and national level; in pursuit of their narrow interests.

At issues is the confl ict between principles, decency and consistency on one hand and desperation and opportunism on the other.

Some people should stop playing God, He gives power to whom He chooses and at His time.

Th erefore the machinations and desperate acts by tiny group to impose their will, is not in the best interest of politics and our dear Katsina state.

Surely, the role of these charlatans in this shameful drama shall be recorded for posterity.

While it is not one’s intention to engage in unnecessary diatribe, these narrow-minded minds should best be ignored.

Th e grandstanding and table-banging theatrics had exposed these people as political desperados out to create the impression that their views are the views of Katsina APC politicians.

‘’Kai’’, nothing can be farther from the truth; this is plainly a miscalculated move that would eventually send its perpetrators into political oblivion.

It would be very sad and disheartening if our people fail to see beyond the antics of these political desperados.

Continued spurious and unwarranted attacks and criticism on the personality of the governor and his administration will not engender peace and progress in our state.

In my view, such misrepresentations by those who should know, but pretend not to know to satisfy narrow interests, will only create hate and acrimony in our dear state.

It would not have been out of place if these politicians who have unlimited access to the governor, had exploited such avenue and off er useful and constructive suggestions on how to move the state and party forward.

However, their recent action is, to say the least, unfortunate, disappointing and disturbing.

Th eir antics and maneuver are well known and in the fullness of time their tantrums would be exposed, as the manifestation of failed politicians who have lost focus on their objectives and pursuit, at the expense of the good people of Katsina.

Condemning this government in which they are part and parcel is the height of hypocrisy and insincerity; and therefore repulsive.

Let me at this juncture state that, the Kaduna jamboree was primarily targeted at the Masari administration, through vitriolic invectives.

But as a concerned citizen I have closely monitored the performance of Governor Masari and in view of current realities, the performance is highly commendable.

Since inception, he has worked tirelessly to proff er lasting solutions to security issues and encroachment into grazing reserves, a root cause of consistent farmers and herdsmen clashes in Northern Nigeria.

Masari used his wealth of experience in governance to mobilize the seven North-west governors to adopt a consensus approach to deal a fatal blow to crimes of cattle rustling and banditry in the region.

Agriculture, which is the economic bedrock of our people, witnessed uncommon transformation and our farmers are the better for it.

Ditto for health sector, infrastructural development, empowerment and poverty alleviation schemes.

Similarly, the administration has recorded giant strides in education sector, with the renovation, rehabilitation and construction of several educational concerns, from primarily to tertiary institutions in the state, payments of over N500 million to settle outstanding scholarships of Katsina state students on foreign studies.

Also, in an eff ort to boost education the state government has promoted about 20, 000 teachers as part of eff orts to enhance teachers’ welfare.

Presently, several other projects that have direct bearing on the lives of the mass of the people are being undertaken by Masari.

Politically, he is in touch with the grassroots and feels their pulse, which explains why all government programmes are targeted at uplifting the ordinary man in every nook and cranny of the state.

As an ardent follower of events in my state, I appeal to Governor Masari to ignore these politicians whose desperation for the spoils of offi ce knows no bounds, and continue with his laudable achievements.

No amount of veil threats, intimidation or blackmail should distract the administration from its focussed developmental programmes for the people of Katsina state.

As for these desperate politicians, the mass of the people of Katsina will surely meet them at the polls and silence them once and for all.

In any case a genuine ‘’Initiative for Good Governance’’ should be all inclusive, well thought out, comprehensive in approach and with sincerity of purpose in its execution.

Not a hurriedly convened assembly of the frustrated to promote egocentricity.

Abdullahi wrote from Kofar Marusa, Katsina

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