Investors want issues affecting capital market addressed

Investors in the nation’s capital market have called on the federal government to address factors affecting the growth of the market to achieve full recovery in the sector by year 2020.
They said that there is need for government to come up with policy and other strategies that would economically empower indigenous firms and multinationals and stimulate their  investments interest in capital market
Some of the issue needed to be addressed according to them include multiple taxation, inconsistent in policies , lack of transperency, among others.

Investors while recounting the huge loss of investment they suffered in capital market in the last few years, said government needs to provide an enabling environment to attract more retail participation and increase investors confidence in the market.

They also said that government should introduce  incentives that will encourage more local companies and multinational to lists their shares in Stock Exchange
A capital market analyst, Mr Daniel Okeke said government must be committed to creating an enabling environment for sustainable growth of  the market.
“Government must show concern on certain fiscal and legal policy impacting on the operations of capital market  and ensure that it addresses them one after the other ” he said.

He stated that  this would enable the stock exchange to become more attractive to investors seeking higher returns, safety and liquidity for their portfolios.

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