Is Astro Africa Legit?

First off, Astro Africa is 100% LEGIT!
The question of legitimacy is what almost anybody wants to be sure of as they transact with new products and service providers. Astro Africa claims to offer traders the best rates to sell their gift cards with fast conversion. However, the question remains; Should I trust Astro with my card funds? Is Astro Africa not SCAM?! What are the things I should know to trade my gift cards with Astro Africa?

AstroAfrica: The legit gift card trading platform in Africa
For a couple of years now, Astro Africa has been in the business of trading gift cards and offers the best rates for traders to sell your gift card. In terms of customer service and user satisfaction, Astro Africa is a platform everyone wants to use.

It is crucial that Traders lookout for Apps and websites that are legit to sell their gift cards. Most gift card trading Apps are lacking in several legitimacy verification means. These make it hard for people to entrust gift card transactions with them. The following features will answer all your questions as to the legitimacy of Astro Africa.

Contact INFO: Illegitimate Exchange sites often find a way to cover their tracks by not disclosing crucial information that makes it easy for customers to trail them back. This is not the case with Astro Africa. Astro has an official mailing address where traders can easily reach to discuss issues and a physical location in Nigeria and Ghana.

24/7 customer response system: Asides from the contact info, gift card traders are not left on their own to transact with the App as they trader their gift cards. Astro’s customer service is always ready, at any time to take requests, complaints, recommendations, and feedbacks should customers need to reach out. Their customer service is highly responsive and professionally relates to traders as Kings and Queens.

Top Security protocol: Astro Africa is a very secure platform having a secured Hypertext Transfer Protocol. HTTPS is a secured internet communication protocol that keeps User’s information secret and encrypted using a Secure layer socket (SSL) which is now known as Transport Layer Socket (TLS), as opposed to HTTP. Websites without the padlock sign right beside the URL are an unsecured network, and user information is very vulnerable to hack, information theft, and fraud. Sites are like that communicate using HTTP, which is not a secure communication protocol.

Prompt Information: Astro customers are not left ignorant about the information on maintenance and updates on the Exchange. Customers are provided information periodically on their emails concerning the latest and future updates in gift card trading. They don’t catch customers unaware of server downtime and maintenance sessions.

More to these amazing features, Astro Africa is the leading gift card exchanger in Nigeria and Ghana, with multiple testimonies and reviews from past and current traders. They allow you to sell your gift cards for instant cash in Naira and Cedis. They offer the best rates for gift cards, and trades are completed in minutes.

In all, Astro Africa www.astroafrica site is Legit and remains the best platform for anybody to sell their gift cards in Nigeria and Ghana.