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Following the invasion of the National Assembly on Tuesday morning by hooded operatives of State Security Service (SSS), the erstwhile Director-General (DG) of SSS, Lawal Musa Daura, was relieved of his duties “with immediate effect” by Acting President, Prof Yemi Osibanjo.
He has since been replaced with Mr Matthew Benabafa Seiyefa, former Director of Institute of Security Studies (ISS), as the Acting DG of SSS.
PAUL OKAH speaks to Nigerians on the development.
Daura was a dictator The sack and immediate replacement of Mr Daura Lawal should be a welcomed development in the history of Nigeria, especially following developments in the country in recent times.
He has been a dictator for as long as I can remember and his continual leadership of the SSS would have put a question mark on the integrity of the APC-led federal government.
He seemed to have been catching into his personal relationship with President Muhammadu Buhari to terrorise Nigerians, especially members of the opposition to the APC.
Nigerians and the international community will never forget what has been transpiring between members of the National Assembly and the APC government, especially the harassment of Senate President, Bukola Saraki and other members of the PDP for opposing the APC since last month.
The recent invasion of the National Assembly by DSS, under the watch of Daura, is the height of madness that should never be tolerated from a dictator by law-abiding citizens.
Maryam Ahmed, teacher.
SSS worse than SARS When the #EndSARS hashtag was trending on social media, I knew that Nigerians were channeling their grievances in the wrong direction, because, truth be told, SSS is actually worse than SARS.
Imagine people who can arrest, interrogate and detain you without any atom of evidence.
As long as you have been identified as an “enemy of the state”, maybe because of your criticism of the government in power without any form of protection, you will be arrested and executed in secret if you have no one to speak for you.
The SSS is a hunting dog of the federal government and one just have to be careful.
They have been at the forefront of every illegal activities of the federal government, including the intimidation of the opposition, with the federal government turning a blind eye.
If the DG has been sacked, it means he has served his purpose, but someone must carry on from where he stopped.
I fear for Nigeria.
In a country where we cannot express our feelings without persecution, then what is the essence of democracy? Okpe Ajiba, student.

A nation in anarchy The hullabaloo being raised in the country every other day is an invitation to anarchy.
In a country where the legislature is continually locking horns with the executive, week in week out and the judiciary watches helplessness is, in simple terms, a nation that can aptly be described using Thomas Hobbes language in state of the nature, where life is brutish, nasty and short.
The other day, it was Ekiti state that was invaded by more than Nwachi Odezue Maryam Muhammad 50,000 security operatives in the name of election.
The executive governor was teargased and others manhandld.
At another time, it was Benue state, then followed by Imo state.
More is still to come before the 2019 general elections.
Why then do we fool ourselves by pretending to practice Professor A.V Dicey’s Rule of Law? Is it not clear that we are a nation in anarchy? We are unwittingly inviting the military to take over government and continue to subjugate us, despite claiming that the worst civilian rule is better than the best military dictatorship.
We must have to call ourselves to order otherwise face the consequences of our invitation to anarchy.
Henry Otu, legal practitioner.

Not yet over for NASS members Despite the sack and replacement of SSS bosses, members of the National Assembly should not roll out the drums yet.
Particular interest of the APC is to take over the legislature by all means possible, so the issue of leadership is still there to be considered.
Saraki should not say that he did not see the handwriting on the wall, because the federal government has always been using forces under its control to fight the opposition.
Moreover, the proposed defection of former Akwa Ibom state governor, Godswill Akpabio, to the APC is clearly to take over the leadership, especially after his resignation as Minority Leader.
2019 is still a long way off, so Saraki, NASS and everyone involved in the 2019 race should not relax and think it is over.
Nigerians should expect more episodes of the hullabaloo that has been unfolding since the gale of defections started and make our decision on who to vote in the general elections.
Ogbonnia Nwachi, political analyst.
APC acting a script No one should be deceived by the recent sack of former SSS DG, Daura Musa, because the APC is simply acting out a script.
Someone pointed out that Buhari took his 10-day vacation especially to be away from the country when the plot to remove Senate President, Bukola Saraki, is hatched.
The movie would have come to an end yesterday had the APC senators succeeded in sitting to impeach Saraki, so we are in for more scenes.
However, Daura should be seen as the fall guy or sacrificial lamb because the script must be acted out according to the dictates of the director monitoring proceedings from London.
My only concern is that the interests of the masses are not being taken into consideration in the power play and reversal of roles involving the actors.
Ifeanyi Uche, legal practitioner.

Osibanjo power drunk Osibanjo’s sack of former DSS boss is just a pointer of just how he can’t wait for the principal to be out of the way before exercising his power.
Maybe it is because of the failure of Daura to achieve the evil plot of the APC to take over the Senate and he had to vent his spleen on the poor man.
Why didn’t he wait for Buhari to come back before exercising his borrowed power? Worse still, the VP did not even constitute a panel to investigate the National Assembly brouhaha before wielding the big stick.
I can only regard that as being power drunk because a little investigation would have provided more information that would help the federal government in forestalling future disturbances.
You don’t just go about sacking people at the slightest provocation.
The world is watching us and posterity will judge us for whatever right and wrong decision we make today.
Uzoma Odezue, civil servant.

2019 risky to predict We are awaiting more bizarre occurrences in the nation’s politics.
In Nigerian politics, the end justifies the means.
The masters of the game are on field now, fighting for their survival.
But I have pieces of advice for all interested parties, especially voters: don’t believe everything you see, don’t take everything you see at face value, watch, think honestly, critically, and non-sentimentally before arriving at any conclusion.
Most importantly, be paranoid, suspicious, and uneasy, after their activities: until after elections in 2019.
Only a fool can kill himself for any politician.
It’s not worth it.
With this current scenario playing out now, 2019 election is a mirage.
Either Saraki or Buhari will be impeached and if any is done, it will throw the country into turmoil.
Remember, the court has ordered the arrest of the INEC Chairman, and now DSS boss has been sacked.
We are left with IGP and EFCC bosses to complete the chaos.
Mark my word, a lot of drama is yet to unfold.
Umar Aminu, ICT manager.

Oshiomhole destroying APC Anyone monitoring developments in the country will agree with me that all the political upheavals being witnessed have the fingerprint of Comrade Adams Oshiomhole.
Since he assumed duties as the National Chairman of APC, it has been from one problem to the other, culminating in massive defection from the ruling party to the out-of-favour PDP.
It was not like that during John Oyegun’s time.
In fact, I am tempted to agree with the opinion of many that Oshiomhole is behaving more like a tout than a national leader, because he is slowly destroying the party, especially with his utterances in public platforms.
He simply does not know when to shut.
His comments on Ekiti, defection of many politicians to the PDP and the rally held in Ebonyi state last weekend leaves a lot to be desired.
The party should find a way to call him to order, otherwise they should just step aside for PDP to take over.
Shamsudeen Muhammad, businessman.

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