Is education still key to success

With practical and logical studies in the system of Nigerian education, there is a great highlight that youths in various secondary schools and higher institutions will learn to be self-reliant, develop knowledge in technology, and graduate with productive knowledge for a great future.

However, education can be described as the key to success if the government, at all levels, can create a technical support platform for the undergraduates to be able to learn how they can transform their knowledge into something useful to the nation. For instance, when the youths are well aware of how to carry out the technical activities for contributing to the economic development of the country there is a probability that a such number of unemployed youths will decrease.

Also, education can be considered a key to success when the students acquired good studies from tutors that are well known and have experience in teaching. The government needs to look for good quality of teachers, put them at the forefront, pay them good salaries, and restructure the educational buildings with modern materials. If the students get through such a way of acquiring knowledge education can be simple in describing it as key to success.

There is no doubt that education is the key to the debacle in every human society, but, unfortunately in Nigeria, the case is completely different, where graduates roam the streets looking for jobs. However, in the developed countries students are taught to invest in entrepreneurship.

Recent statistics establishes that 25 million graduates are still unemployed in the country, indicating that the government cannot employ the high of the graduates, thus, there is a need for government at all levels to think and rethink in providing job opportunities to our teeming youths.

Nonetheless, the government is trying everything humanly possible to curtail the issue of unemployment in the country, where several programs were initiated by President Muhammadu Buhari administration. The N-power is a good example. The program was solely established to reduce the level of unemployment bedeviling the country, but unfortunately, many Nigerians are misusing the money given to them that will help them to invest in entrepreneurship.

Yes, education is still a key to success when some skills are acquired. What many of our graduates are finding it difficult to understand is that skill is sometimes paramount than certificate, it is obvious that in the real world people need to see what you can give not what you have.

We all need to wake up from our deep slumber because the government cannot do it alone, we need to use the skills that we acquired to help find lasting solutions to problems bedeviling the country.

Kasim Isa Muhammad,
Potiskum, Yobe state

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