Isa Ashiru, APC and Kaduna guber race

 By Khalil Adam Usman

In a recent interview with the online newspaper, National Trail (October 20, 2014), Honorable Isa Ashiru demonstrated a deep knowledge of the state of things in Kaduna state. He stated, among other things, the main drive towards his ambitions: “Sincerely this project was consummated by some of us that have concerns for the state. What we left in 2007, when we left for the National Assembly, things are deteriorating and things are getting bad on daily basis. Unfortunately, in Kaduna, our home state, the former headquarters of Northern Nigeria, what we are seeing as I am talking to you now is shameful. There is no commitment to the development of our people; the state is balkanized into two which was not the order of the day when we were in government. It’s something that, honestly, we are having sleepless nights, so the group decided to come together and take a bold decision”

Among those angling for APC’s gubernatorial ticket and the right candidate to Sir Kashim Ibrahim House come 2015, should be Isa Ashiru. I am sure you are asking why. Politics is primarily a game of politicians.  In the same vein, the best of politicians in history were not accidental politicians. The art of dealing and leading stock of human beings is learnt through training and practice that endures within time. It is an effort that is consolidated through experience! And Isa Ashiru has everything in this regard; much above all the other serious contenders!

It was Isa Ashiru that was a civil servant and a revenue mobiliser under Kaduna state for 17 years. It was Isa Ashiru that was a legislator in Kaduna State House of Assembly for 8 years. It was Isa Ashiru that was a legislator at the federal level for almost 8 years. There is no mistaken that an experience in revenue generation is what Kaduna state needs now that its economic fortune is dwindling. According to the 2014 report by the Debt Management Office, Kaduna has the highest debt per-capita in the entire country. It has also become the worst place to do business among the 19 northern states, according to the World Bank’s Doing Business Report 2013. I believe Hon. Isa Ashiru as an effective revenue mobiliser for about 19 years, is best equipped among all the aspirants within APC and across to PDP, that has the requisite experience to bring us out of this economic jam.

Yes, talk about his experience as a legislator in Kaduna State House of Assembly where he actively represented and helped enacted about 37 laws (details of these are found in his website: This demonstrated his commitment to the state in ensuring a secure environment if given the opportunity to lead the state in executive capacity. I have not seen before a state legislator with such amazing record of accomplishment.

This, when added to the accomplishments of the honorable in his present capacity as the Vice Chairman, House Committee on Appropriation, federal House of Representatives. As a floor member alone he has co-sponsored about 8 unique motions on burning issues that affect a cross section of Nigerians across the federation (details on his website).  Moreover, in the same role as a legislator Honorable Isa Ashiru has helped brought Federal Government presence in the constituency he is representing, Makarfi/Kudan. The kind of presence that was unprecedented in his community. The kind that is unprecedented for accomplishment by a non-executive function. All details of these are well documented in his website. These are unique achievements that are worthy of greater reward for those who want to explore more from a potential that was able to give much out of a little, so that much more will come when the little  given is improved in size, quality and responsibility. In essence it is not the work that matters but the one done with little at disposal will guarantee more output when much is at disposal. To me it is this that should be considered.

Isa Ashiru said in the quoted interview above: “Not everybody can take this decision, it is a hard decision, but we had no choice than to take this decision. That is why deliberately I left the PDP as current member of the National Assembly and joined the All Progressive Congress, APC, after due consultation with my constituents and I was given the go ahead to move. This is because whatever we are doing, we should remember that one day we are going to meet our Creator. Meeting our Creator is not something that is new, on daily basis you find people joining the majority and one day it will be our time. For me, I’m one of the fortunate ones that have reaped the benefits of been in governance in the last 16 years and I feel even if it means declaring my seat vacant, for the sake of saving my State, I can do that, let it go.”

 Khalil wrote from Abuja

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