IsDB launch publication on South South Cooperation

The Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) yesterday launched its landmark ‘Reverse Linkage mechanism publication saying it will continue to strengthen South-South Cooperation.
The publication aims to highlight the contribution of IsDB in promoting South-South Cooperation through Reverse Linkage mechanism.
Reverse Linkage is a triangular program that connects a country seeking for expertise in innovation and technology, with a member country that has abundant expertise in the field required by the beneficiary member country, while IsDB serves as a facilitator.
Speaking at the launch yesterday in Abuja, IsDB President Dr.
Bandar Hajjar said, “Partnership for development is a key pillar of the President’s 5-Year Program (P5P) which IsDB is implementing.
I firmly believe this publication will be a significant addition to the body of knowledge on South-South Cooperation and a source of inspiration for many.
It will offer opportunities to generate new ideas to solve development challenges through solidarity-based partnerships and crowdbased arrangements and, thus, unleash the full potential of South-South Cooperation.” IsDB equips people to drive their own economic and social progress at scale, putting the infrastructure in place to enable them to fulfill their potential.
In recent years, through Reverse Linkage, IsDB has effectively worked on expanding partnerships with regional development institutions, bilateral cooperation agencies, resource centers, and other types of partners to promote SouthSouth Cooperation.
The Nigerian regional manager of the bank, Mr.
Mayoro Niang, explained that IsDB is a group of common interest for development that work with the country’s finance Ministry or any other partner group to ensure harmony with the financial policy of the country.
He also made it cleared that the bank from its name is known as Islamic Bank which represented the working tools which is international practice, it is also a development Bank whose benefits is not based on religion or tribe.
Nigeria has benefited from its collaboration with IsDB’s with Anambra, Yobe and Gombe states as beneficiaries.
Other state that has also benefited in different multi million dollars projects of IsDB includes Osun, Kaduna, Ondo State.

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