Islamic movement marks Arbaeen day of love, sacrifice, resistance

The Islamic Movement under the leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem El-Zakzaky Saturday marked Arbaeen.

According to a statement by Dr. Dauda Nalado dated 17 September, 2022, Arbaeen is an annual religious practice which symbolizes love, sacrifice and resistance.

It is marked on the 20th day of Safar, the second month of the Islamic calender, marking the 40th day of the murder of Imam Hussein (AS), the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (SAWA).

Arbaeen gathering has become a gathering of million of people in the world, Nigeria inclusive, who are presently at Karbala in response to the call of the Imam, expressing their love, sympathy and solidarity over the tragedy which occurred 1,383 years ago.

Hussein was killed on the day of Ashura, the 10th of Muharram, the first month, 61 AH which corresponds to October 10, 680 at Karbala, Iraq.

One of the purposes of Arbaeen as contained in the statement is to recall and commemorate the trials and tribulations faced by the household of the Holy Prophet (SAWA), who were chained and dragged barefoot from Karbala to Damascus in the scorching heat of the Arabian desert.

The statement reads: “It was a sad event which clearly depicts a mark of the injustice perpetrated against Prophet Muhammad (SAWA).

“Arbaeen mourners have since started trekking from different places in Iraq to the tomb of Imam Husain at Karbala, famous among which is Najaf to Karbala, approximately 100 km. Muslims and non-Muslims from all walks of life and from all corners of the globe participate in the trek,”

Imam Husain (AS) it was learnt sacrificed his life and challenged the tyrant ruler Yazid son of Mu’awiya.

According to the statement, He, alongside his family members and tens of supporters (seventy-two males), were surrounded by thousands of well-armed soldiers and massacred in the plain of Karbala amidst psychological torture and was denied drinking water for days.

The statement reads further: “He fought the stooges of the tyrant bravely and valiantly. Just before his martyrdom, he had witnessed the maltreatment of the female members of his family, the family of the greatest of all the Prophets.

“He made all these sacrifices to protect humanity from tyrants, tyranny, injustice and oppression!

“The valiant resistance of this great historical personality is exemplary and worthy of emulation. Humanity should be able to draw some inspiration from his honourable struggle.

“For, Islam owes its continued existence to the struggle of Imam Husain (AS). Had the Imam submitted to the tyrant, Islam would have long been something else.

“Thus, his struggle is not only an inspiration to the Muslims, but also an inspiration to the whole world. On such grounds, great leaders like the honourable Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi declared that they were inspired by the sacrifice and steadfastness of Imam Husain (AS).

“It Is worth mentioning here that the steadfastness together with sacrifice displayed by the Imam in rebellion against tyranny and oppression is the root of all revolutionary uprisings in the history of Islam.

“It is also the root of the struggle of our revered leader, Sheikh Ibraheem Ya’qoub El-Zakzaky (H) against the tyrannical system in our society,”

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