Item recovery coy LfReturnMe debuts in Abuja

Abuja City gate

In what will out an end to heartbreak occasioned by loss of items on transit, an Abuja based company is set to enter into the Lost but found items recovery market.

LfReturnMe guarantees that over 98 per cent of lost tag items found can reach their legitimate owners anywhere in the World.

All you need for LfReturnMe to work is to get the company’s out tag and tag your belonging. Another advantage of the company is that items found are ship back to the owners without any cost and finders are rewarded for their moral obligation by returning back the lost items.

Commenting, LfReturnMe General Manager, Mr Nwofor Owem said, the arrival of over 25000 hologram tags all is now set to officially introduce services to Nigeria.

The coming of LfReturnme is a welcome development as it will help to put to an end the heartbreak of losing valuables.

“Beside the security hologram nature of the tag another great advantage of LfReturnme is that names, number are not writing unlike the traditional luggage tagging, The company Lfreturnme has put in place a solution system that will serve as a one stop shop for lost but found items across the world starting with Nigeria. Today many items are reportedly missing/ lost but hardly do these items meet their owners, this has cause untold hardship to the people.”

The Head of Marketing, Aladeniyi Timilehin said: “LfReturnMe has come to put an end the heartbreaking challenges faced as a result of losing/missing your valuables.

“We encourage the general public to embrace the LfreturnMe system as to put an end to the unfortunate feeling of losing valuables. The period where people lost valuables and have no hope of getting them back has come to an end with the coming of Lfreturnme which has a world class system of reuniting items back to rightful owners in a unique, friendly and confidential way.”

A wide range of portable items such as international Passport, keys, begs, cellphones, pets, wallets, laptops, machines, and a host of others are all protected by LfRturnMe software.

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