ITF: Disregard false alarm about Ari, group tells Nigerians

The Coalition for Good Governance (CGG) has urged Nigerians to disregard the false alarm by Sahara Reporters and a faceless staff of the Industrial Training Fund (ITF) against its Director-General/Chief Executive, Sir Joseph Ari.

Addressing journalists at a press conference Thursday in Abuja, CGG secretary-general, Sola Olumese, said after thorough investigation, it discovered no iota of truth in the claims of nepotism, favouritism and marginalisation against Ari, adding that Sahara Reporters was either misled by the hypothetical staff or is being mischievous in its reportage of events around the ITF.

On the issue of nepotism, the CGG noted that for the first time since the agency’s creation, the management team cuts across all the six geopolitical zones of the nation, revealing that its research shows that promotion in the ITF is carried out in line with federal character principle without any preference for females as being reported.

Acknowledging the achievements of Ari, the CGG said the ITF boss has done remarkably well to rid the agency of nepotism, tribalism and the likes.

“Under the current management, ITF has become more focused, result-oriented, achievement-driven and strategically repositioned in the pursuit of its aims and objectives. Youth unemployment and paucity of critical technical skills for national development has been tactfully and strategically combated, therefore, bringing it to a minimal effect.

“Sir Ari should not relent on his good works or get dissuaded by actions of different polluted media publications and charlatans surrounding him. While calling on other agencies to emulate the ITF, the Coalition of Good Governance calls on the Federal Government to show more commitment and support in the promotion of technical skills development as a panacea for the nation’s industrial development challenge,” he said.