I’ve no regrets to have been married 6 times –Adam A. Zango

In this interview with ALIYU ASKIRA, Adam A. Zango, who hails from Zango local government area of Kaduna state, says that he has finally realised that Northerners particularly those from Kano and Kaduna axis that believe very much in Sharia Law are no longer comfortable with his way of life. Consequently, he also says that they have given a blackout as far as watching his movies is concerned.

Recently, journalists ran into him in Kaduna when he announced that he had made up his mind to relocate from Arewa land for good.

Religious bias

 Interestingly, Zango is vast in religious knowledge and has had a very good upbringing in family values. However, when relocated to Kano, he was said to have turned himself into a play boy, as he was said to date every available lady in Kannywood, even as this, according to sources, almost backfired because, though he is yet to reach 40 years of age, he has married six times and all his six children are from different ladies.

You said you have made up your mind to leave Arewa for good, and settle down in Lagos, but you know very well that most entertainers in Lagos, especially Nollywood artists, are highly educated; how would you cope with life out there?

Lagos is a place that all you need to do to survive is hard work and talent to succeed. I am not going there to concentrate on acting in Nollywood; my areas of concern will mostly be in singing and dancing, areas I am highly gifted in and I can also use the opportunity to further my studies, if time permits.

It is on record that both Kaduna Polytechnic and Northwest University Kano offered you admission at different times, but you failed to make it after attending lectures for some time, and you are now talking of furthering your studies in Lagos; why wouldn’t you enroll in the National Open University?

Whenever I speak or when I compose songs in English no Jupiter will think that I am not a graduate; in Lagos hundreds of school dropouts became billionaires through their creative activities. I am not planning to be a lecturer or politician, so don’t bother me about long grammar or the need to have a degree.

Some people allege that you are running away from Kannywood because you have already become a bad boy, particularly in terms of scandals and misdeeds. That you seem to consider Ali Nuhu as an artist you want to compete with, yet Ali is a king both in Kannywood and Nollywood and that he is already pursuing a PhD?

I will go to Lagos and anytime I come down North, please do be one of those to receive me and you will see the crowd that I will pull. I am going to Lagos to try my talents somewhere, but I am under serious pressure from my fans to reverse this decision especially because my mother is with me and she may not like the Lagos environment.

In Kannywood, you dated Maryam Booth, Zainab Indomie, Nafisa Abdullahi, and the other lady from Keffi who you later got married to after she featured with you in a film; but you later threw her out. What really is your problem?

 Right from the way you approached me, I know that you are not here to wish me the best of luck in my next endeavour. After all you are part and parcel of FIM Magazine family, a magazine that hates me like a hell. So, I am not surprised if you are here to provoke me, but we have been together for a long time. At a point my guest house, I mean where I kept my crew, is very close to your place; so I have no bad feelings against you or your paper Blueprint.

You did not answer the question. I asked that you once dated Zainab Indomie, Nafisa Abdullahi, Maryam Booth, and later another Nafisa that you married…

 I have many admirers in my life; those you mentioned were my friends or girlfriends if you want to put it that way. And up till tomorrow, I am still close to some of them, particularly Nafisa Abdullahi, Zainab Indomie, Maryam Booth and even those you did not mention. So, let’s stop at that.

You’ve been married six times and have six children; is that good for your image?

Thank God all these happened when I was still very young, but I am now growing into maturity and I don’t intend to repeat this. I married six times and God blessed me with six children from five of the wives; they are all my legitimate children; so, I have no regrets.

Let me re-open an old wound; Rahama Sadau once accused you of sexually harassing her, do you intend to tell us exactly what actually happened?

I am happy you said you want to open an old wound which has been healed; please the negative and positive publicity we got out of that scandal is enough. That one does not need to be re-opened. It is still about this issue of Adam Zango group fighting Ali Nuhu group, but we are all brothers. Let me also say that recently I spent N46 million to sponsor some students. The story is as true as one may want it to be, the event took place before the Emir of Zaria. So, he is somebody I cannot use his palace to deceive people.

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