I’ve too many female admirers seeking my attention – Umar M. Sherrif

Umar M. Sherrif is a 31-year-old Kannywood star whose performance at the first Arewa Creative Industry Sallah Concert and Fashion show has attracted the attention of many media personalities. In this exclusive interview with ALIYU ASKIRA, he talks about women, fame, money, success, scandal and the good and bad sides of Kannywood.

Umar, congratulations on your successful performance; tell our readers about yourself

My Name is Umar Sherrif; I have been in the entertainment industry for the past 13 years. I am the founder of Umar Sherrif Studios located on Nnamdi Azikwe Express bye-pass Tudun Wada; I have directors, mixers, producers, and actors working in my company. I mostly compose songs for films, ceremonies, politics and love, and three of my film songs made me popular – they include the one for Sai Watarana, Jinin Jikina and Gazare Ga Wata. I also featured in films like Nas, Bazan Barki Ba and Mahaifiyata in which I was the lead actor. Recently, I was in Lagos to perform in a musical called Selle Bobo. I am 31 years old and have just secured admission to further my studies in Kaduna Polytechnic. All in all I have composed no fewer than 500 songs.

Why is it that people don’t know much about you? And is it because of your successes that many ladies now hover around you?

Honestly, you are correct. I have too many female admirers and that is why in most cases I am very careful with women so that my family will not suspect me. Well, I am young – only 31 years old, very successful by any standard. I have one wife and more than two children, a beautiful house, chains of vehicles including the latest 2016 Camry. I am also handsome according to those close to me. I have at least 500 songs to my credit; I have directors, producers, actors, and mixers including other singers in my company. I have two of my brothers working with me here, Abdul Sherrif, the lead actor in Jinin Jikina, Mustapha M Sherrif and also Habu Sarki – a successful director and marketer. We are all here, so you can see that women who want to feature in films and those seeking fun as well as a host of others have every reason to be here; this is an industry.

In spite of all this, why do you still say you don’t flirt? Also, have you ever had any amorous relationship with any Kannywood lady?

Yes, I don’t flirt, like I told you; I don’t mix business with pleasure. As for relationships, yes and no. First, even if I did I would prefer to hide it, but the truth is that I have too many female admirers that are seeking my attention. One, some because of my success; some because I am young; some because they want roles in my films, and others are busy-bodies that want to reap where they did not sow. So, one has to be careful or else you will run into endless scandals. I feature in films; I compose love, politics and wedding songs. In fact, I was surprised when you said I am not popular. This is because most FM stations in the North play my music. Whenever I go to the market for shopping people usually pay the bills for me when they realise that I am the famous Umar M. Sherrif. So, you can see that I am very happy and popular in my own way. My immediate desire is to be a household name in the nearest future; I want to dominate the industry.

Have you had any sad moments yet? Who are the male and female artists that you enjoy working with?

Well, I suffered a lot producing Jinin Jikina, but I got a lot of money from the film because I produced it exactly according to my dream. Ali Nuhu, Abdul M. Sherrif, Rahama Sadau, Zaharadeen Sani, Mustapha M. Sherrif have all given me excellent support and played their roles very well. I enjoy working with Adam Zango, Ali Nuhu, the King Kannywood; Nafisa Abdullahi; Habu Sarki; Fati Washa; Hadiza Gabon; Halima Atete, and several other artists that I cannot mention here. They contributed to my success, and I also want to specifically thank Blueprint Newspapers for promoting my company; my brothers – Abdul M. Sherrif, Mustapha Sherrif; Habu Sarki and other artists and directors working with me in my company will also be ready to talk to anybody from Blueprint whenever you want to speak with us. May God bless you!

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