IWD: No basis for shutting doors against women – AbdulRazaq

Kwara state governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq Tuesday advocated an all inclusive policy that will recognise and accommodate women in nation building.

The goverrnor while congratulating women world wide on this yea’ s occasion of the International Women’s Day (IWD) celebration ,hailed them for  their grit, resilience, and commitment to a world that works for all.

“Whether as a girl child, wife or mother, a woman is acknowledged for being hard working, kind, resilient, supportive, and generally committed to efforts to build a society that is conducive for all,” the governor said in a statement commemorating the International Women’s Day.

Reputed for his leading role in mainstreaming gender inclusion in government, AbdulRazaq said the IWD again offers a platform to clamour for improved participation of women in the decision making process for a balanced society. 

“I believe wholeheartedly that for us to design a world that works for everyone, women must be in the room and be part of the process. Women are half of humanity and there is no basis for shutting the door against them,” he added.

The governor called for more policies and programmes that improve the welfare of women and save them from harassment or deprivations of any kind. 

His statement comes as Kwara is set to officially domesticate the State Action Plan (SAP) on the National Policy on Women, Peace and Security which calls for improved inclusion of women in peace building processes. 

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