Izuogu says marginalisation of Ndigbo is top on Imo agenda

The leader of the Imo state delegation to the ongoing National Nonference, Dr Ezekiel Izuogu has condemned the silence maintained over the marginalisation of the South east geo-political zone, adding that the zone is worried by what he called “taking oil producing areas in the South east to other zones.”

Chief Izuogu who described the country as pretentious warned that it would be counterproductive for the delegates to continue to pretend on issue underscoring the need for sincerity in the task before them.

The Imo-born scientist stated that it is only natural for places belonging to the South east that has been given to other zones be returned to the South east while areas that fell into the South east that have nothing to do with the zone be returned to their original owners.

He maintained that equity, justice and internal security be allowed to prevail in the country, stating that the state of Imo supports the creation of an additional state in the South east and state police to guarantee safety of lives and property.

According to Engr. Izuogu, state police can guarantee justice in the states but recommended that their powers be limited so that they wouldn’t act against the Nigerian unity adding that the state believes that states blessed with certain natural resources that yield revenue to the country deserve to be compensated for t he inconveniences they suffer.

He said Nigeria’s federation should be organised in such a way that nobody feels hurt by others explaining that a free and fair federal structure guarantees happiness for everybody in the country.

Izuogu described the decision of the 50 wise men as a way to move forward however wondering why he was not included in the list of the wise men since he leads the delegation from Imo state.

He stated, “I believe that if you are setting up a 50-man committee, every leader of the state should have been there. If we were going to be fair since there are leaders from the state, there is no reason why every leader of the state ought to be there.”

The delegate complained that they would have omitted his name from the 50 wise men because they were not too comfortable with the views he holds which may run contrary to their hidden agenda.

He described himself as a Christian who is averse to putting somebody in a difficult situation for him to be happy, saying that he favours freedom devoid of encumbrances.

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