Ja’afar Sa’ad as a national hero

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It is established that the best person on earth is the most beneficial to humanity. This very best suits Dr Ja’afar Sa’ad, the Galadiman Ruwa of Zazzau. He did not only serve the government, but the private sector before becoming independent to continue serving humanity in greater capacity. Unlike some who view Nigeria as a forceful marriage under the auspices of Lord Lugard in 1914, Ja’afar Sa’ad is a nationalist with an unshakable belief about the oneness of the country. Driven by the gusto of humanity and justice, he rejected the idea of any kind of secession and believes in unity, tolerance, good governance and fair play.

This is because division, according to him, brings a nation to its knees. It breeds hatred and animosity among citizenry leading to ethnicity, social strife, and religiously motivated conflicts. Throughout his life, he has been a constant advocate of peace and unity in Nigeria which he regards as the only catalysts for the development of this great nation.
The youths are the integral part of any society the absence of which spells doom for its future. They are also the most productive part of the society beatified with the ethos of youthful Therefore, the youth, about 60% of the Nigerian population, must be adequately provided for to secure the nation’s future. But government has neglected the youth resulting to problems like insurgency, political thuggery and other vices. However, Ja’afar Sa’ad is one strong force to be reckoned with due to his principle to support the youth with particular reference to youth empowerment and job creation in Zaria his home town, Kaduna and other states of the federation. I am optimistic that he may be the messiah of the young and less privileged given his high philanthropy.
As it had been the culture of the historic Sokoto Caliphate, the veneration of an important person due to his contribution to the larger society with a traditional titled is explicit and deliberate. Even if a person is blue-blooded like Dr Ja’afar Sa’ad, the criterion for the conferment of a traditional title is specifically reserved for the brave, kind and philanthropic. That is why the emirate of Zazzau gave him the title of Galadiman Ruwan Zazzau. This title belongs to the learned and the clergy within the socio-political and religious alignment of the emirate. To put it in simple way, the title is also given to people of high caliber with the concern of their people in their hearts.
Ja’afar Sa’ad is a light that looms large in the political horizon of this great nation. He is mover, a game changer and an ideologue busy designing a promising life for his people, especially the youths wallowing in the stream of poverty and destituteness due to the negligence of those in power who have not shared same spirit with him. I hope and pray that he will come and save our youth and strengthen the unity of Nigeria in the upcoming elections in order to continue putting smiles on the faces of the common man in much greater capacity.

Sani Sa’id Baba,

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