Jagaban Wunti: An illustrious son of Toro

Nigerian democracy is complex to manage. It is becoming increasingly complex because of how political mediocrities ranging from tribal, regional, religious and political identities are destroying a system that should have given teeming Nigerians gainful employment opportunities, security of lives and properties, portable water, functional health care system, free education, good road networks and other necessary amenities needed to improve the lives of the average Nigerian. 

Toro is one of the 20 local government areas of Bauchi state and is one of the largest in terms of land mass and population in the country. 
it is equally one of the local government areas that is privileged to have its sons and daughters occupying high profile and strategic government positions both at state and federal levels. 
The irony and sad story left to the generations unborn to read is that, despite the fact that sons and daughters of Toro local government area occupy plum positions in the state and federal governments, many of them have failed us.
The hope of the local government area has been dashed and shattered due to misrepresentation that has kept the area stagnant and with the increasing demands for good governance. 
Perhaps, that is why people have begun to search for credible people now that should be called upon to run for elective offices, especially in Bauchi state and the National Assembly to give us good representation.

One of these credible people we have confidence in is Engineer Joshua Sanga (Jagaban Wunti) and it is no longer news that many citizens of the local government area have started making endorsements of him to join the 2023 House of Representatives race to salvage the area.
We have for long allowed politics of tribe and religion to triumph over competence, a scenario that is only paying us with unemployment and increasing youth restiveness in the area. But I am glad that people have now realised that we must eschew such sentiments and go for credible and proactive candidates to progress as a community. Hence, the massive support Joshua Sanga is garnering at present. 

Those outside Toro local government area may wish to know who is Sanga? An American-German poet, Charles Bokowski, said, “The problem with the world is that the stupid people are full of confidence while the intelligent ones are full of doubts”. This could be summarised as a triumph of confidence over competence which we are all paying as far as Toro politics is concerned.

The Jagaban Wunti is a traditional title bestowed on Sanga by the Hakimin Kasar Lame (Sarkin Yakin Bauchi) for his outstanding sacrifices, service to his people and humanity as well as his human face of politics that rekindles the hope that despite the unfolding events in the politics of the area in the past years, with people like him in politics, the future will be great. 

He is a seasoned public servant, astute engineer, problem solver and philanthropist. Though he has little money, being a senior civil servant, it is indisputable that he has done more than what many rich ones could not do in Toro.
We urgently need to restructure our minds and character to pave the way for a better society as well as credible leadership to set us free from political slavery. It has been said that “The great majority of people are wandering generalities rather than meaningful specifics”.

The young engineer is often called Mr Projects like his boss Governor Bala Mohammed. It is pertinent to note that in view of his diligence, the governor appointed him as Director General, Due Process Office and Bauchi State Procurement Beareau. 

Sanga has done remarkably and excellently well since assuming office and this performance, coupled with his humanitarian activities in the local government area, informed our clamour for him to join politics and contest for the House of Representatives from Toro federal constituency in the 2023 general elections.
The increasing demands of the people are enormous making itimpossible for government alone to meet such needs.

This is the reason lawmakers embark on constituency projects to complement the executive.

I have the feeling that Sanga will make a good leader considering his track records. He personally set up Jotisanga Foundation to render charity assistance in the community. The foundation, with its meagre resources, executed some projects in the following communities. They include Toro,Tulai, Gumau, Sanga, Tilden Fulani, Badikko, Ganye, Nobordo and Rauta Geji, among others, to alleviate the sufferings of the people.

Mubee writes from Nabordo, Toro local government area, Bauchi state.

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