Jagaban Wunti: The new face of leadership in Toro


Nigerian democracy is indeed the most complex to manage around the world according to leadership research. It is becoming increasingly complex because of how politics of mediocrities ranging from tribal, regional, religion and identities are destroying a system that should have given the teaming Nigerians profitable employment opportunities, Security of lives and properties, portable drinking water, functional healthcare system, free education, road networks and other relevant amenities needed to improve the lives of an average Nigerian.

Toro is one out of the 20 local government areas of Bauchi state and it is one of the largest local government both in land mass and population. It is  equally one of the local government that is privileged to have its sons and daughters occupying high profile and strategic government positions both at the state and the federal government levels.

The irony and sad story left to the generations unborn to read is that the local government has fell short of leaders that have the capacity to bring the desired leadership to common man after centuries of existence. 

The hope of the local government has been dashed and shattered away due to misrepresentation that has kept the local government to a standstill and with the increasing demands for good governance. People have begun to ask questions and are now raising their voices high for one of their own Engr. Joshua Sanga (Jagaban Wunti) to join the 2023 House of Representatives race to salvage the affirmative mentioned problems. We have for long allowed politics of tribes and religion to triumph over competence, a scenario that is only paying us with unemployment and increasing youths restiveness.

An American- German Poet, Charles Bokowski, once said and I qoute, “The problem with the world is that the stupid people are full of confidence while the intelligence ones are full of doubt” which is crudely summarised as a triumph of confidence over competence which we are all paying as far as Toro local government politics is concern.

Things get bad for all of us, almost continually, and what we do under the constant stress reveals who/what we are. This is exactly what defined us as a people and we have all it takes to repeal this long stewardship of slavery in leadership as 2023 draws near.

Jagaban Wunti has a traditional title bestored on Sanga by the Hakimin Kasar Lame (Sarkin Yakin Bauchi) for his outstanding sacrifices, service to his people and humanity as well as his human face of politics that gave many hope that despite the unfolding events in the politics of Toro then the future will be great. He has been an incurable optimist who always see opportunities even in the midst of pandemic rather than seeing obstacles and this has been his steps as we work through the shadow of Toro politics aimed at changing the narratives. He has with the little resources at his disposal done more than many richest could do in Toro local government which single him out of his contemporaries. 

We urgently need to restructure our minds and character to pave way for better as well as credible leadership to set us free from the modern day political slavery. It has been said that “The great majority of people are wandering generalities rather than meaningful specifics”. The fact is that you cannot hit a target that you cannot see. If you do not know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else. It means that the good people of Toro Local Government must have set goals to achieve and this will be a dream come true only if the likes of Sanga are usher in to represent us.

The young Engineer is often called Mr projects like his Boss Senator Bala Mohammed and this proved further that his appointment into this exolted office as Director General Bauchi Procurement Beareu was a indeed best on his previous records of excellence and his capacity to deliver. Perfection is an attribute of the Almighty Allah only.

Sanga has done remarkably and excellently well since assuming office and his performance couple with his human nature of noturing young people within the council are among to many to mention reasons why our voices are still high eligusing his outstanding sacrifices and calling very strongly again, lets not repeat the mistake of 2019 to loose this begotten son.

The greatest of all mistakes is to do nothing because you think you can only do a little. We must know that history does not just happen to us but we make history happen and the ball is now in our Court to decide our faith and that Millions of our generation unborn by allowing competency to triumph over incompetency. It will shocking that almost if not the nooks and corners of the entire local Government is filled up with the banners and posters of his Excellency Kauran Bauchi and Jagaban Wunti which tell us better what these two very distinguished personalities represent in the current Political despensation in Bauchi State and Toro in Particular. 

The over increasing demands of the people are enermous that make impossible for the Government alone to meet such needs is the reason why Engineer Gumau Sanga personally set up Jotisanga Foundation to assist in community and Social Development.

This foundation with the little and personal resources is able deliver some projects in the following communities namely Toro, Tulai,Gumau,Sanga,Tilden Fulani, Badikko, Ganye, Nobordo and Rauta Geji among others to alleviate the sufferings of the people. Sardauna lived and died preaching the oneness ,unity and harmony of the North at here in Toro Sanga possess the same equality of none descrimination against one tribe or religion.

The interesting part of the whole narration here is that he attends Qur’anic recitation/competition whenever his attention is been call in this regards because of his strong Advocacy and believes in the unity, harmony and tranquility of Toro Local Government,the state and the country in general.

These are personal projects being founded by this foundation out of personal earnings of this noble personality and one can begin to think outside the box should he fly the mandate of the people the dividends of democracy, the good people of Toro local government will derive.

This is a man who have constructed and repaired a number of boreholes long before joining active politics and he remains always a friend of the youths for organising Community sports competition aimed at creating awareness and unity among the diverse ecthnic of Toro local government and beyond.
He has created a platform that encourages most times the youths ,women and vulnerable to always raise their shoulders high with a strong believe that despite the current happenings but there is light in the end of the tunnel.

This platform has created a number of scholarships for the youths mostly students of secondary schools who’s hopes has bee darshed to be reawken that Sanga is always out to shoulder their needs where necessary and this has up till today keep hope alive.

Toro is indeed in dare need of leadership because no nation, no country and kingdom has ever advance beyond the capacity of its leadership.It never happens anywhere and it cannot happen in Toro Local Government/Federal Constituency unless and until the right leaders are given the opportunity to serve. 

Most times if someone present himself to vie for the position of authority and the first question that agitate our minds is his tribe, religion and Political identity instead of is the person capable of doing work .We have the opportunity to change the narratives in the subsequent elections and even if we may live inconvenienly because of their realisation that we are out to transform the Political atmosphere of Toro local government beyond this ecthnic colouration that has paved way for many incompetent to swinged into.

If such affirmative mentioned twins problems are remove out of the equation then Sanga is indeed a rare gem that we are looking up to and hoping to change the narratives in the next Political despensation.

The time to invest in the future generation and our unborn generations starts today at the sametime with Sanga as the leader.We are glad that the executive governor of Bauchi state Senator Bala Mohammed CON (Kauran Bauchi) is able rewards us by appointing Engineer Gumau to lead Bauchi Procurement Beareu which has impacted so much on the lives of people of Toro local government and beyond.

The greatest general that ever lived in this world once said something that is very instructive, he said, he is always afraid of an army of sheeps led by a lion than an army of lions led by a sheep.

This means leadership is not a child business nor a child play which requires urgently the likes of Engineeer Joshua Sanga (Jagaban Wunti) to demonstrate in action the Jagaban syndrome to take us out of the woes. This is our stand and our commitment with a lion that can carry everybody along as he has done and is doing.

Comrade Musa Munkaila Tilde, concern citizen and youths/students leader, writes from Tilden Fulani.

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