Jama’are emir at 50

The Emir of Jama’are, His Royal Highness Alhaji Abdulkadir Wani, marked his golden jubilee on November 19, 2020, as an outstanding, selfless and caring father not only to the inhabitants of Jama’are but also to the entire Bauchi state and its environs.

No doubt, 50 years in a politically unstable country like Nigeria in which loyalties and alliances are bound to be tempered with from time to time, true patriotism will always be questioned and one’s personal sentiments are not always welcomed, you will agree with me that Abdulkadir Wani has mastered the game of power, and understands true loyalty, not to the people in power but to the throne and constitution of the state.

The emir of Jama’are is a rare gift to the people of Bauchi state and Nigeria at large. He had the opportunity to share same regalia of royalty with the likes of Late Dr. Alhaji Ado Bayero of Kano, Maccido of Sokoto, Late Shehu Idris of Zazzau and other prominent emirs of not only the northern extraction but even across the length and breadth of Nigeria.

Loved by his people, his royal highness has been an outstanding personality in and outside Nigeria. He has encouraged his people to achieve greatness wherever they are, by encouraging them to go to school, which he always says is the key to success.

He has been the backbone of the modern architectural look of Jama’are today. Our father, grandfather and ruler are celebrated both at home and abroad.

As his royal highness marks this feat of 50 years on the throne, we know no mortal can guarantee that except Allah (SWT); we thank Allah for his immense and countless blessings on his servant, we pray the Almighty Allah continues to preserve and protect his royal highness and grant him the best in this world and hereafter.

Long may he reign!

Dauda Haruna Tula

Twitter hdauda90

[email protected]

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